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Download Manager Software for Windows and Mac OS

How to Install Mac OS on Windows PC using Virtual Machine

How to Clean Install Mac OS using a USB drive on Mac

How to Clean Install Windows XP on your Computer

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  1. i am testing with vmware player version 9.0 it ok no any problem occured .
    but i am waiting windows license key for continue setup process..

    • 1. Download VirtualBox
      2. Open VirtualBox
      3.Click ‘Create’
      4.A Dialog Box will Appear in that Dialog Box you wil see the Storge
      5. Import your ISO

    • If you have a virtualbox or VMware, Go download any of thoes ISO, And go to browse And go to the image file, click on it, and select Open, now VBox or VMware will read the iso, and what name of your VM, Press done if you finish,

  2. After downloading ISO and creating bootable usb, upon starting installation, Windows setup screen is being displayed in what seems to be arabic or some other language other than english despite being labelled as “English Version” above.

  3. Hi there,
    After installing the ISO, while startup I keep getting a prompt saying “No Images are Available”

    any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance

  4. The sakaserver which where the file would be downloaded from is asking for a username at password. What is it? Please.

  5. Yes, the ISO file works perfectly. Just use the ISO file on Virtual Machines. I tried installing it on the laptop itself and I had to force delete the partition. The deleting process takes 42 hours so be careful when installing it on your PC.

  6. Quando ho installato Windows server datacenter eval cor dopo il riavvio lo schermo è diventato tutto nero e poi è uscito prompt dei comandi. Come faccio ad entrare o come faccio a risolvere?

  7. All I did was download the link and it is stuck at “OS X will be installed on the disk Macintosh HD” and I have to click install but when I click it nothing happens. The page doesn’t progress. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. I downloaded Mac OS High Sierra ISO/DMG and when using Disk Maker to make bootable drive it says “This file can’t be used to create 10 x bootable drive.”

  9. I have downloaded Windows 8.1 iso. After installation there is some updation error. To restore the system i need password for HP user. Please provide the same.

  10. I can’t get to the isoriver forums is it down or something i can’t get into it on my phone either is it down?

  11. Guys, I have downloaded windows 8 package. During installation, asking for product key. What should I do?

    • Did you download it? I am in the situation you were in 🙁
      If you already downloaded, please help me.

  12. You have the slowest file-hosting servers! I am waiting since 5 hours for this iso to download, and it downloaded just a quarter in all that time!

  13. When I do it on
    VirtualBox, it shows the windows 3.1 bootscreeen. But after that, theres just colorful pixals at the top and i cant do anything. Please help me!

  14. what is the password bro? i have downloaded the file but it is asking for the password to extract the file . please help me with that

  15. im literally slow when it comes to this stuff. help please!!!!!
    im on a mac air but i also have a macbook pro which has been completely wiped. so i don”t have an OS trying to upload one on my flashdrive to be abled to boot the pro book. this place said it had it but i keep running into circles.

  16. ERROR MESSAGE : “GTA Vice City” needs to be updated.The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information.

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