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One of the operating systems in the Windows NT line of products is the famous Windows 2000 operating system. Windows 2000 was manufactured and unveiled for the public on the 15th of December in the year 1999. It was also put on sale in stores worldwide three months later on the 17th of February in the year 2000. Windows 2000 was an operating system that was meant to replace Windows NT 4.0.

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Variants of Windows 2000 ISO

Windows 2000 was released in 4 variants including Windows 2000 Professional ISO which was meant for on the desk usage by professionals, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server which were meant for server applications as well as the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server which was developed for managing data centers The Windows 2000 Datacenter Server was developed later than the other ones and launched to the public after quite a few months.

How to download window 2000 ISO free
Window 2000 ISO

Even if each of the variants of Windows 2000 was released to the market to cater the needs of different kinds of people, each of the variants has a few core features that are similar across all the lineups. These features included the introduction of the Microsoft Management Console as well as the regular utilities meant for system management.

File Systems in Windows 2000 ISO

Windows 2000 brought upon two kinds of file systems to the Windows family. These were the NTFS 3.0 as well as the EFS. NTFS stands for New Technology File System and was introduced as a file management system meant for storing as well as accessing files in the Windows NT lineup of operating systems. Windows 2000 had the third generation of the NTFS file system which is NTFS 3.0. EFS stands for Encrypting File System and is a file system level of encryption that Microsoft Windows 2000 provides. It secures the files by encrypting them in a transparent manner to protect them for hacking and other malicious software attacks.

Windows 2000 also supports basic as well as dynamic disk storage. Apart from File Systems, Windows 2000 also has two kinds of disk storage capabilities. Basic disk storage is a kind of storage where the disk partitions are a part of the physical disk. Whereas in dynamic disk storage, the disk is divided into volumes instead of fixed partitions.

Other Improvements in Windows 2000 ISO

Windows 2000 built a lot upon its predecessor which is Windows NT 4.0. The support of people with disabilities was improved with better accessibility features that helped people with certain disabilities to browse through the system more easily than previous versions of Windows.

Along with more support for people with disabilities, Microsoft also brought more language support into Windows 2000. This allowed for more international support for Windows 2000. To complement the language support, Windows 2000 came with more locale information.

Security of Windows 2000 ISO

Microsoft advertised Windows 2000 as the most secure Windows form ever at the time it was released; in any case, it turned into the objective of various prominent assaults from hackers as well as viruses, for example, Code Red and Nimda were attacks that targeted Windows 2000 systems specifically. For a long time after it was released for public use, it kept on accepting patches for various kinds of security vulnerabilities consistently until it came to the of its lifecycle on July 13, 2010. 

Windows 2000 is the last variant of Microsoft Windows to show the “Windows NT” (which stands for New Technology) tag, and Windows 2000 was the last variant ever where the work area and server working frameworks had a similar name. It was succeeded by the famous Windows XP operating system which was released to the public on October 2001 and the server versions of Windows 2000 were succeeded by the Windows Server 2003 operating system which was released on April 2003.

New as well as Updated Features in Windows 2000 ISO

Windows 2000 presented a large number of the new highlights of Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE into the NT line, for example, the Windows Desktop Update, Internet Explorer 5 (Internet Explorer 6, which followed in 2001, is likewise accessible for Windows 2000), Outlook Express, NetMeeting, FAT32 support, Windows Driver Model, Internet Connection Sharing, Windows Media Player, WebDAV support and so on. 

Window 2000 with latest features
Features of Window 2000 ISO

Certain new highlights were normal over all versions of Windows 2000, among them NTFS 3.0, the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), UDF support, the Encrypting File System (EFS), Logical Disk Manager, Image Color Management 2.0, support for PostScript 3-based printers, OpenType (.OTF) and Type 1 PostScript (.PFB) text style support (counting another textual style—Palatino Linotype—to grandstand some OpenType highlights), the Data assurance API (DPAPI), a LDAP/Active Directory-empowered Address Book, ease of use upgrades and multi-language and region support. 

Windows 2000 likewise presented USB gadget class drivers for USB printers, Mass stockpiling class gadgets, and improved FireWire SBP-2 support for printers and scanners, alongside a Safe evacuation applet for capacity gadgets. Windows 2000 is additionally the main Windows form to help hibernation at the working framework level (OS-controlled ACPI S4 rest state), not at all like Windows 98 which required unique drivers from the equipment maker or driver designer. 

Another capacity intended to secure basic framework documents called Windows File Protection was presented. This ensures basic Windows framework records by averting programs other than Microsoft’s working framework update systems, for example, the Package Installer, Windows Installer, and other update parts from changing them. The System File Checker utility gives clients the capacity to play out a manual sweep of the uprightness of all ensured framework documents, and alternatively fix them, either by reestablishing from a reserve put away in a different “DLLCACHE” index, or from the first introduce media. 

Microsoft perceived that a genuine mistake which was the infamous Blue Screen of Death could cause issues for servers that should have been always running thus given a framework setting that would enable the server to naturally reboot when some kind of stopping error happened on the system. To complement this, Windows 2000 included an alternative to dump any of the initial 64 KB of memory to plate (the littlest measure of memory that is helpful for troubleshooting purposes, otherwise called a minidump), a dump of just the piece’s memory, or a dump of the whole substance of memory to circle, just as compose that this event happened to the event log in the Windows 2000 operating system. 

So as to improve execution on servers running Windows 2000, Microsoft gave chairmen the decision of upgrading the working framework’s memory and processor utilization designs for foundation administrations or for applications. Windows 2000 likewise presented center framework organization and the board includes as the Windows Installer, Windows Management Instrumentation and Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) into the working framework.

Minimum System Requirements for Installing Windows 2000 ISO

To run Windows 2000, Microsoft recommends:

The minimum system requirements that are needed to install and run Windows 2000 are as follows as prescribed by Microsoft:-

  1. You need a CPU which is Pentium based and has a clock speed greater than 133 MHz
  2. The minimum required RAM is 64 megabytes however, more the memory, better is the performance. The maximum amount of RAM supported by Windows 2000 is 4 gigabytes of RAM.
  3. A hard disk of 2 Gigabytes of storage is recommended with at least 650 Megabytes of storage space is required for installing Windows 2000. If you are installing Windows 2000 via a LAN network, an extra hard disk is required for the process.

You can download Windows 2000 ISO from our website. It is an older version of Windows so you may need to run it on a virtual machine that supports Windows 2000 ISO. If you have the supported hardware, you can burn the Windows 2000 ISO on the Hard Disk using tools like Power ISO or other alternatives and then boot into the optical disk when you start the computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install Windows 2000 ISO on your system.

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