Windows 365 Enterprise Supports for Windows 11 Cloud PCs

With virtual computers becoming mainstream in most corporations and other organizations, all tech companies have been creating their own cloud-based OS platforms. Virtualizing the work environment is having a great effect on work efficiency and more companies are changing to a virtual computer. Well, with cloud computing becoming highly advanced, tech companies have been able to provide better cloud services and move some of their offline services to online through cloud integration. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the latest Windows 365 OS which runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. 

You would have heard of Microsoft 365, which is just Microsoft Office that is hosted on a cloud, well this is the base for Windows 365. You might even be using Ofice 365 to perform various document manipulation tasks, so you pretty much know what it has to offer. Well, with Office running on the cloud, the system resources used it reduced and this makes cloud computing better and faster. 

Well, Microsoft has always been ahead of most tech companies and they provide one of the most used operating systems which are almost used by 1.6 billion people to run their computers. Microsoft has recently released their Windows 11 OS which is an upgrade from Windows 10. Well, with the release of Windows 11, the internet is quite literally all over the OS, its features, the bugs, and much more. The OS was very recently released on October 5 and even before the release, many tech enthusiasts have got their hands on the preview builds of the OS to test the OS out. With lots of exploration and testing, users have found that the OS has got a new user interface, improved security, and much more. If you run a Windows 10 OS, you can install Windows 11 if your computer supports the OS or stick with Windows 10 as it will be supported till 2025.

With the availability of the internet, the use of cloud-based features has increased. Recently most technology comes with cloud integration and this has changed the way of how people used the internet. So, Microsoft has been developing cloud-based tools and features for the users, and recently they have released a cloud-based operating system platform, where Windows OSes can be hosted and used by anyone who has subscribed. Windows 365 was released on 2 August 2021 and is relatively new and with the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has included the Windows 11 OS. the platform is a subscription-based platform where users can run an OS virtually and work remotely. 

With a work-from-home and work from anywhere culture gaining popularity, cloud-based technologies have been employed and utilized to the maximum. There are many cloud providers who allow users to do lots of things on the cloud. Clouds these days are much faster and can be accessed from any supported device making it possible for users to control and work efficiently from any place they choose. Recently many companies have changed their working policies and letting their employees work from anywhere. This culture has been posted by the recent pandemic, and it’s hoped that the work from home/ work from anywhere culture will continue. So, it’s only natural that tech companies will start their cloud-based products and services.

Before Microsoft released Windows 365, users had no option to run Windows OS from the cloud except for running it using other servers and clouds, well, with Windows 365, the situation has changed and users can directly run Windows OSes on a Microsoft cloud. This is a great option for all enterprises that have employees from all around the world. With a cloud-based OS and workstation, working becomes easier and on the go. The main benefit of Windows 365 if anyone with a Windows 10/11 supported device can access the cloud OS from anywhere from the world with ease. Earlier when Windows 365 was released Microsoft only had Windows 10 as a default OS that can be used, but with Windows 11 available for use, Microsoft had added Windows 11 to the platform and now it is available for use for anyone with a subscription.

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Well, we have given enough briefing about Windows 365, so let’s explore what’s the features of Windows 365 so, you can better understand the use of the platform:

Features of Windows 365

  • Fast cloud-based Windows 11 or Windows 10 OS.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere and on any compatible device.
  • Integrate and work with your team with great ease.
  • Different pricing plans for you to choose from.
  • Best for enterprises.
  • Powerful security engines like Microsoft EndPoint Manager protect your data.
  • Unlimited users.
  • The desktop version of applications is supported.
  • Connect with your team with the desktop version of Microsoft themes.

So, if you are planning to get your enterprise or business a cloud-based platform to work with, you could look at the price of Windows 365, if you find them to be satisfying, you can get yourself a subscription and get access to Windows 10 or Windows 11 OS with other subscription-based options. 

What are the Pricing Points for Windows 365

There is two major division of the pricing points which are Business and Enterprises. Well, under the two divisions there are 10 pricing points depending on the hardware resources offered the minimum hardware resourced option you can choose is the 1CPU 2 GB RAM, and 64 GB storage. The maximum hardware resource you can opt for is 8 CPU 32 G RAM and 512 GB Storage. Well, the pricing is a bit high at this point but the utility of Windows 365 is hopefully good.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, You can try out Windows 365 Cloud PC for your business and find out whether it suits you, if not, there are hundreds of alternate options that you can opt for.

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