Windows 11 Update (Build 22000.X): Biggest Features Explained!

Windows 11 is the topic of the hour. Recently the internet is filled with lots of Windows 11 information and users have flocked in to try the newly released OS. When Windows 11 was announced, users were a bit confused as Microsoft previously stated that Windows 10 would be the final major Windows version to be released. Well, with Windows 11 out and usable on all supported devices, users have been looking for features and other technical stuff related to the OS. Even the preview version of Windows 11 got good support from tech enthusiasts and the preview builds were tested and many issues and features have been brought to light by users. Here, with Windows 11’s new update (Build 22000.x) released, we will look into what’s new and improved in the OS. So, let’s get started!

Windows 11 Update (Build 22000.x): Major Features Explained!

Microsoft has been developing OSes for computers since the 1980s and the company has given more than 17 OSes. Well, with recent advancements in technology, users have been able to access a lot more features and functions on computers. The subsequent release of Windows OSes has been adding to the betterment of the features and functionalities providing users with a good platform to work on. More than 1.5 billion users use Windows OSes to run their computers worldwide and most professional users like enterprises run their systems on Windows OSes. 

With the release of Windows 11, some users had updated their computers to the new version and some are still hesitant as Windows 11 has some potential flaws like performances of AMD CPU has been affected that might affect the workflow of users. Well, to address some issues Microsoft will release updates. Well, updating to Windows 11 as of now is not a good thing as the OS has some minor issues, and as Microsoft will be providing the free option to upgrade till mid-2022, you can take things slowly, and also Windows 10 will be officially supported till 2025. 

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Windows 11: New Features and Immprovements

So, even with some minor flaws Windows 11 seems to be stunning and futuristic. Microsoft has put in a lot of new features and improvements to make the OS a great one for users. So, let’s jump into learning the features.

New Start Menu

The start button in the OS has been placed in the center of the taskbar and the start menu has been reworked with lots of new improvements. 

New Widget Feature

Widgets are not really a new feature in Windows 11, as Windows 7 portrayed something similar called the gadgets. The gadgets were a bit solid and it suited the WIndows 7 OS well, and Widgets in Windows 11 is more transparent and intuitive making it suit well with the OSes theme. With the new widget feature on Windows 11, you can freely view items like weather, notifications, and other important items on the desktop.

Improved User Interface

Windows 11 comes in with an entirely new user interface. The UI unlike any other Windows OSes has been made with a lot of different elements. You can find colorful icons, smooth corners, and matt finish layouts. Overall, the UI is more like a Mac OS than a Windows one. 

Settings Application Revamped

The settings application in Windows 11 has been reworked and almost everything has been changed. The user interface in the application has been made to suit the overall OS UI. in the previous windows OS, there were tabs with options like system, devices, and much more but here in Windows 11, these tabs had been brought to the left pane as one and you can scroll through them to select them. This is a much easier way of using the settings application.

Effective Multitasking With Snap Layouts

With the new snap layouts, you can multitask effectively, you just need to hover over the minimize button in the right-top corner and select the layout you want to use when multitasking. If you have a large monitor, you can very much effectively use the feature and work efficiently.


Windows Subsystem for Android is a new feature that is going to be introduced in the upcoming updates, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux which has been used since Windows 10 has got new improvements allowing users to use Linux GUI applications on Windows as native applications. Well, the WSA will allow users to use supported android applications on Windows as native applications. 

Improved Notification and Quick Action Centre

The notification center in Windows 11 is an improved and enhanced one. You can find options like Wi-Fi, airplane mode, and other essential tools in this panel. With this new panel, you can work with ease as all the essential tools can be quickly accessed. 

New Microsoft Stores Application

The Microsoft Stores application in Windows 11 has been updated and improved for improving the ease of access to applications. There are several premium applications included in the Microsoft Stores application allowing users to download them directly from the stores rather than searching the internet. 

New Xbox Application

Xbox being one of the popular gaming consoles developed by Microsoft, Windows 11 got an integration application. 

Well, these are all the major improvements and feature updates in Windows 11, with Windows 11 available for download, you can try the OS and get to learn the OS in depth by using the different features. 

Hope the article is helpful and informative, learn more about Windows 11 as Microsoft had done a great job with developing the OS. Try the OS and have fun with all the new features.

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