Windows 11 Build 22000.120: New Features & Fixes

The hype for Windows 11 is high, enthusiasts and Windows users all over the world are eager for the OS to officially release and some enthusiasts have gone a long way to install the build version to test the OS before normal users. Well, this is good news, as running tests on the build version of the OS reveals lots of critical information that could potentially be beneficial. With test data from all over the world, the OS can be deciphered, and using the OS can be made easy. This article is entirely dedicated to putting forth the 8 best features on the latest Windows 11 build version so, everyone who is intrigued by the OS to release can find the good stuff. Hop on for fun.

Windows 11 is unplanned and unexpected for many as Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 will be their last major OS release and the OS will be subsequently upgraded by regular feature and bug updates. With Windows 11 build versions on the roll, users and Windows enthusiasts are making use of the build to find out what’s new and better than Windows 10. Well, Windows 11 is said to have major feature updates and improvements, so users get to have a great OS.

Windows 11 is set to release in late 2021 which is not far, and the test builds released are closer to the official release making comprehending the official OS easier. Even the build versions are available, the official version will be far better as no company will let out their full secret, just before the grand release. So, to fully uncover Windows 11, we have to wait for the official version to be released. Though, we can now uncover the build version of Windows 11 to know a bit about the OS and the final version. 

Well, to begin with, we know that Windows 11 comes with some cool feature updates in terms of user interface and security, but to understand the OS well, we need to dig deep and learn all the cool stuff, here we will make a list of 8 things that has been thought to make the Windows 11 unique. Discussing only the feature will be a bit biased, so, here you will also find the 8 bugs that users identified, which needs rework before the official Windows 11 version goes online. 

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Best Features of Windows 11 Build 22000.120

Here, we are at the best part of the article where we chart out the 8 best features we can find in Windows 11. There are a lot more but let’s just go with 8 for now, as the 8 are the best and would pretty much cover all the improvements and updates.

New Family Widget

 Well, Widgets are nothing new in OSes but are pretty new for Windows, previously on Windows 7, there was something called gadgets, which are pretty similar to the new addition Widgets in Windows 11. Well, Widgets are advanced and well designed and this replaces the old gadgets with great efficiency. Widgets in Windows 11 are easy. 

The family Widget in Windows 11 is pretty useful when you and your family use Windows 11. Communications become easier with this simple widget. You can see their activities and look at how much time they spend on the computer. The Widget is available for all languages supported by Windows 11.

Notification badge

In the new and updated Microsoft Teams which is a built-in application in Windows 11, the notification badges are missing in the chat. The badge will appear after some time, so wait for a day or so to use the badge feature.

Easy to Change Wallpapers on Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops are a great feature introduced in Windows 10 and the feature gets to be on Windows 11, but here, the feature gets a feature update that is, you can now change the wallpaper when you use virtual desktops.

Improvements with Display Settings

There are some minor improvements with the display settings, where, the identity option under the monitor in the display settings can be used to identify the display with ease.

Improvements in File Explorer

File explorer being an important application on Windows, improvements are utterly necessary, the new file explorer has improvements have done which reduces the menu size to let functioning easier. You can now create a new folder with the updated icon in the file explorer, and the legacy context menu of Win32 has round corners so the UI looks uniform.

Improvements in the Taskbar

The close button in the previous build was a bit off and this build got the close button right, making the UI look uniform.

Improvements in Task View and Snap Assist

The spacing of elements in the task view has been altered to make the tasks look clearer fr ease in working.

Improvements in Microsoft Stores

The new Stores application comes with cool features like auto-scroll, along with an improved rating dialogue box. The application has some minor improvements to make it better and user-friendly.

Well, with the features of the new Windows 11 build discussed, we shall get glims on what bugs the version brings. Here are the bugs that have been identified in Windows 11 build 22000.120.

  • Flickering of the context menu.
  • An issue with the Widget sign-in.
  • Issue related to the multiple monitor feature.
  • Non-functional start menu.
  • The frequent crashing of the settings application.
  • Increased CPU and GPU temperatures.

Well, if you want Windows 11 to build 22000.120 on your computer, you can get into the Windows insider program and download the OS. this build is said to have no significant feature improvements compared to the previous builds, so the choice is up to you.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. If you are so much into Windows 11, try out the preview builds from the Windows insider program.

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