Fixed: Windows 10/11 Desktop Icons are too Big and Wide

Having a perfectly shaped display is a great thing for every computer user. Desktop being one of the main screens in the computer, it has to be maintained and managed efficiently. Windows OSes have been providing great desktop features to users allowing them to manage and maintain a clean and efficient desktop. Well, at times, users can face distorted desktop icons and other elements on the desktop making the computer look shabby or disproportionate. So, here are some simple fixes for fixing the distorted desktop on your computer.

Desktops on computers usually have many features making them aesthetically pleasing. Windows allows users to modify the desktop screen as they please and there are lots of options like changing the desktop wallpaper, adding or removing icons to the desktop and much more. The desktop is the first screen after boot up, every user has to view it every time they boot up, so keeping the desktop clean and perfect is very important. So, any issue with the elements of the desktop can cause trouble and the aesthetic look will be distorted. Well, this is not a major issue but with distorted icons and other elements, working with the computer becomes unpleasant. So, fixing the issue takes priority. 

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Icons are a major part of the OS and any distortion will cause issues with working on computers. So, if you are struggling with distorted icons on your Windows computers this article is just for you. 

Some Windows 10/11 users have been complaining about the distorted icons on their computers, so here, let us see how to fix the issue with the Windows 10/11 desktop. 

So, before we jump off right into the fixing part, let’s find out why that distortion occurs,

What Causes the Distortion of Icons on Windows 10/ 11 Desktop and the ways it Manifests

  • Windows updates can be a cause for Distortion to occur on Windows. 
  • Another cause might be the scaling settings might be misinterpreted by the system. 

Some Common Ways the Error Manifests on Windows 10 and 11 Computers

  • Desktop icons are Huge on Windows 10: If the desktop icons are huge, you can try to change the size from the view menu.
  • Everything is Huge on Windows 10: if everything is huge on Windows 10/ 11 screen you can check the drivers and graphics card.
  • Large Icons of Windows 10/ 11: the icons can be enlarged because of the screen being zoomed, you can just press the control button and then scroll the mouse wheel to reduce the zoom.
  • Text and Icons Big on Windows 10/11: your scaling settings can be a cause of this issue. So, just try fixing the scaling on your computer.
  • Taskbar Icons are Big on Windows 10: if your taskbar icons are big, you can simply change and modify your taskbar settings.
  • Icons change their Positions: you can disable this by deselecting the allowed themes to change desktop icons.
  • Icons on Second Monitors are too Big.

Simple Methods to Fix the Big Size of Windows Icons on Windows 10/11 PCs

So, these are Some Common Manifestations of the Issue and let’s jump into learning the fix for the issue.

Method 1: Change the Icon Size

  • Right-click on the desktop, and select the view option.
  • Here, select the icon size you want from the three options.

Methods 2: Update your Drivers

Updating old drivers can be a change-bringing operation. By updating the drivers, on your computer, you not only prevent other errors from occurring but also fix the existing errors on your computer. It is always best that you update your drivers on a regu; basis to function efficient;y on the computer.

  •  To update the graphic drivers, open the device manager by searching for it on the search bar and then opening the tool.
  • Now, in the device manager tool, you can find the graphics drivers and then update them by clicking on update drivers and then selecting the automatically update drivers option when asked.

The system will search the internet and install the updates.

Well, it is also best that you can try third-party applications to update the drivers which are very easy to use. You can choose from a wide range of free and paid tools to get your job done.

Method 3: Change the Resolution on your Computer

The wrong resolution can be the cause for small or large icons on the desktop.

  •  So, to change the icon size, right-click on the desktop and then select the display settings option.
  • Now, in the display settings set the appropriate resolution that fits your display and saves the changes.

Method 4: Update your Computer OS

Installing updates on your computer can sometimes fix the issue.

  • To update the OS, open the settings application and here, go to the update and security tab.
  • Now, select the Windows update option and then select the check for updates option.
  • If there are updates available for installation, just go ahead and install them on your computer.

Method 5: Change the Font Size on the Desktop

  • To change the font size on your Windows computer, go to the settings application, here, navigate to the system and select advanced display settings.
  • Now, choose the advanced sizing of text and other items.
  • Now, set the custom scaling that you think best suits you and the UI.
  • Now, click on Ok.
  • Now, go back to the settings home page and here, select advanced display settings.
  • Now, select the option, change only the text size.
  • Now, restart your computer.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these simple methods, you can fix the distorted icons on Windows 10/ 11 computers.

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