Fixed: Visual C++ Error 0x80070666 in Windows 11 & 10

So, many of you would have been wondering about want Microsoft Visual C++ is on a Windows computer and would have been annoyed by the Visual C++ error with an error code 0x80070666. Well, this article will clearly explain what visual C++ is and how to fix the error related to it. 

Well, Windows is a versatile OS with a lot of features and functions. The OS acts as a perfect platform for applications and software to run and function. Running applications and software on OSes is not as easy as it seems as there are lots of technical stuff common people will not understand. Every aspect of the OS is meticulously programmed and are made to provide a perfect platform for users to run applications. Well, to run applications on Windows OS, the application must use libraries supported on Windows to program the applications and to run those applications a compiler is required. Windows is an OS mainly programmed using the C language package, applications developed for the OS needs to be compatible and run smoothly. 

How to fix Visual C++ Error 0x80070666 in Windows 11 & 10

Well, C is a pretty old programming language, but Microsoft still uses the language to program some of the OSes components and many applications developed for Windows are programmed using the C language package. Well, C is also considered the mother of all programming languages and there are many languages that have been recently developed out of the C language like C++, Python and much more. 

Well, the role of a compiler is to execute a programme and that makes the compiler a very needed component. If the programmer uses C programming, the client that is going to use the programme needs a C compiler and well, that is what Visual C++ is. It is a compiler for Microsoft Visual C, Microsoft Visual  C++, and C++/CX programming languages. The Visual C++ is for compiling codes written in the C and C++ languages and is usually used for running Microsoft API’s, DirectX and .NET frameworks.

Mostly all applications that run on Windows OS will have C components and thus need a compiler. If you have noticed, you would have seen many Visual C++ packages installed on your computer and every application that needs the visual C++ will install a version of it. This might seem a little tricky because you will see a lot of them on your computer. Well, to explain this phenomenon, you have to understand that Visual C++ Redistributables are library packages that are specific and each version of the Visual C++ package will contain a specific set of libraries that may not be used for running other applications. So, with each app that is being installed on the computer that requires the Visual C++ redistributables, there will be a version installed that will sid the applications C components to be compiled.

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Well, recently some users have been facing errors relating to Visual C++. it seems that an error with a code 0x80070666 pops up and hinders the workflow of the users. Well, the error seems to appear due to some software conflict on the computer. With many versions of Visual C++ installed the possibilities of conflict is quite possible and here are some fixes that will help you fix the Visual C++ error 0x80070666 on Windows 10 and 11.

Simple Methods to Fix Visuall C++ Error 0x80070666 on Windows 11 and 10

So, here are some simple methods that you can try and fix the visual C++ error on your computer. Follow along and fix the issue with ease ad work efficiently.

Method 1: Uninstall Previously Installed Visuall C++ Redistributables

Well, uninstalling is a way of fixing the issue but if you uninstall a version that is required by another application, then it will become a problem, so uninstall the one that is causing the trouble(usually the same version) to not mess around with other applications. Or to be safe, you can uninstall all the packages and then reinstall them. 

  • To uninstall the Visual C++ Redistributables from your computer, open the control panel.
  • Here, go to uninstall a program, here find the Visual C++ Redistributors and uninstall them one-by-one from your computer.
  • Once you have uninstalled all of them restart the computer and install the packages. 

Method 2: Update the Computer

Updating the computer will resolve many common issues on the computer. 

  • To update your computer, open the search bar by pressing the Windows key and the S key on the keyboard.
  • Here, type, Updates and then select the option to check for updates.
  • Now, you will be on the updates page in the settings application here select the check for updates option. This will check for any available updates on the internet.
  • The updater will install the updates and then you have to restart the computer.

Method 3: Repair Visual C++ Installer on Your Computer

  • To repair the C++ installer on your computer, press the Windows plus R key on the keyboard.
  • Here type in appwiz.cpl and then hit enter.
  • Here, select Visual C++ Redistributable version and then click on change.
  • Select the repair option.
  • Complete the process.
  • Continue the repair process for all the Visual C++ redistributable versions installed.

Method 4: Use Windows Terminal to Fix the Error

  • First, download the version of the Visual C++ redistributional package on your computer.
  • To use the terminal to repair install the Visual C++ redistributional on your computer, open the terminal by pressing the Windows key and the X key on the keyboard and then choosing the Windows Terminal(admin) option from the menu.
  • Now in the terminal enter “cd C:\Users\WindowsReport\Downloads”.
  • Once done, run the following command “vc_redist.x64.exe /uninstall”.
  • Now opt for the repair option.
  • Complete the process. 

Hope the information provided above was useful and informative, with these simple methods you can fix the Microsoft Visual C++ error 0x80070666. 

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