Fixed: Please wait until the Current Program Finished Uninstalling

Windows is a very versatile OS with millions of applications supported. Users can install or uninstall applications on the computer as they wish and the OS will provide good support for all applications. Microsoft keeps on improving the OS with new updates and versions to provide an unparalleled user experience. Well, even with updates and feature improvements, some basic issues persist in the OS and today we will discuss one such issue, that can be caused on any Windows OS.

So, as said above Windows OS allows users to install or uninstall any supported application on the computer as per the needs of the users. There are millions of applications and software that is supported on Windows OSes and they can be downloaded and installed on the computer with ease. Well, to provide a better user experience for installing and uninstalling, Microsoft provides separate wizard features that install and uninstall the applications accordingly. Well, most applications come with an installer and an uninstaller built-in which is supported by the Apps installer. Well, this application is responsible for installing and uninstalling applications on the computer and any issue resulting in errors will make it difficult to install or uninstall applications.

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Well, some users have been reporting that they are unable to uninstall applications and there is an error message displayed when they try uninstalling an application. 

So, the error seems to be pretty simple to handle but is a common error that occurs in Windows computers. Well, the error will look something like this:

  • Add remove programs stuck on please wait.
  • Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling AVG.
  • Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling stuck.

Well, these errors are common in Windows computers and fixing the error is pretty easy. SO, to help you out with fixing the errors, here are some simple methods that will help you uninstall applications.

Simple Fixes to Resolve the Error Please wait until the current program is finished Uninstalling

Mentioned below are some simple methods you can try and fix the error on your computer and uninstall the application you don’t want.

Method 1: Restart the Computer

Usually restarting the computer is one of the simplest remedies to fix the error on Windows computers. Well, restarting the computer helps because uninstalling some applications requires a restart.

Well, there is also another reason, the OS can’t uninstall two applications simultaneously or immediately back to back and a restart will help with resolving the issue and let you uninstall applications on your computer.

Method 2: Try Using a Third-Party Uninstaller Application

Third-party uninstallation applications are pretty well designed to handle uninstallations. They specialize in properly uninstalling applications and they do a good job in doing so, there are hundreds of good third-party uninstallation applications that provide good uninstallation features. You can try installing a third-party application and then uninstall applications from your Windows computer.

Method 3: Restart the Explorer.exe

Windows explorer is might be a cause for Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling the error on Windows OS, so restarting the process will help fix the issue on the computer.

  • To restart the process, open the task manager tool by pressing the control key + the shift key+ escape key on the keyboard. 
  • Now in the task management tool, go to the files tab and here find the explorer.exe task.
  • Now, right-click on the task and then click restart. 

You can also try to end the task and then re-running the task by clicking on the files option and then selecting the run new task, and here typing explorer.exe and then running it.

Method 4: Restore your Computer

Running a system restore will help fix the Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling error on your computer.

  • So to run the system restore, open the control panel and then go to the system recovery tab.
  • Here, select the restore point where the error didn’t persist and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.
  • Once the process is complete, try uninstalling the application from the computer and it should work.

Method 5: Disable the Antivirus Application

Antivirus applications can be troublesome applications, they tend to interfere with all activities of the computer and hinder many functionalities. Well disabling the antivirus application will help with fixing the Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling issue on your computer.

You can just pause the protection of your antivirus application for some time and then continue with uninstalling applications on Windows.

Method 6: Try Uninstalling the Application in Safe Mode

  • To uninstall applications in safe mode, open the settings application, and go to the update and security tab.
  • Here, select the recovery option and then under the advanced startup click on restart now.
  • Now, your computer will restart and you can now press the appropriate key on the keyboard that will lead you to the safe mode.
  • Once, in the safe mode, you can uninstall the application that you wanted to be removed from the computer.

Well, these are some simple methods that you can try and fix Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling the error on your computer.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, you can try these simple methods and fix the Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling error on your computer.

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