Fixed: The Third Monitor keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10 – Full Guide

Technology has advanced and we currently live in a world where human-human interaction has reduced but technology-human interaction has increased. In this tech-savvy world, we have to upgrade ourselves with the latest technology to work efficiently and effectively. There are many tech stuff that is widely used by people and one such tech stuff is the use of multiple monitors. Multiple monitors have wide utility and are used by many all around the world, regardless of the OS. 

Well, multiple monitors have become popular and effective. More people are going for multiple monitors instead of single monitors, as they are efficient and the workflow improves. With multiple monitors, you can multitask and can do much more. Even though there are monitors with larger screen sizes people prefer multiple monitors as they function well. With multiple monitors becoming widely used, most OS developers have upgraded their OSes with support features to multiple monitors. 

Windows 10 is one such OS that provides ultimate support for multiple monitors. The OS has special features and support for multiple monitors up to 10. 10 monitors in pretty huge and accommodating them needs an extensive and powerful graphics card. Multiple monitors are mostly preferred by gamers, programmers, and graphic designers. With multiple monitors, more details can be viewed and the workflow gets fast. With all said, home users are unlikely to use multiple monitors on their computer as the necessity is limited.

So, multiple monitors are used by professionals to ease their workflow and any error or issue with a monitor can disrupt the workflow on the whole. So, fixing the monitor need to be prioritized. Here in this article, we will discuss why multiple monitors fail and how to fix them with simple working methods. 

Now, let’s focus on why multiple monitors fail to understand the problem. Once we understand the problem we can avoid it in the future and can work efficiently with our computer. If you are about to start using multiple monitors on your computer, then this article will be useful for you as hers you will find some of the key factors that influence multiple monitors in Windows 10 and you can easily et away with the failure of the monitor.

Recently, Windows 10 users have been discussing the failure of the third monitor on Windows 10. This problem seems to be odd as Windows 10 provides extensive support for up to 10 monitors. The issue might be caused due to faulty graphics driver, faulty connectivity, or an issue with the monitor. These are pretty much everything that might cause issues with the third monitor and cause it to go offline. When such a thing happens, you lose the content on the monitor and have to squeeze everything within the first two monitors. And also you need to change the properties of the monitors to squeeze things causing you a waste of time. With this said you can pretty much find out how to fix the issue as most of the methods will be general and simple.

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Methods to fix Third Monitor Disconnecting on Windows 10

Here are some simple and easy-to-follow methods to resolve the external monitor issue on your Windows 10 computer. 

Method 1: Check the Connectivity

If you have used a cable to connect to the third monitor, check for loose contact or damaged cable. You can check this by using the cable to connect to another monitor, say the second monitor to test the cable. If the cable is faulty, replace it with a new one. This is a pretty simple and basic one.

Method 2: Check Whether the Monitor is Good

Sometimes the monitor can go dead and cause a problem, so check up on the monitor. You can check it by connecting it to another cable. If you have confirmed the monitor to be ok then you can try other methods to fix the issue.

Method 3: Update the Drivers

Faulty graphics drivers can be a problem. And updating them can help fix the issue with monitors. 

  • You can update the graphics drivers by going to the device manager.
  • In the device manager application, look for the display drivers, and then right-click on the driver and then select update the drivers option.
  • Here, choose search for drivers automatically to download the proper driver from the official website of the graphics card manufacturer.
  • This will probably fix the issue with the third monitor and enable you to use the computer efficiently.

Method 4: Update the OS

Sometimes updating the OS can help with fixing common issues in the OS.

  • To update the OS, go to settings.
  • Here in the settings application go to updates and security.
  • Here, look for the windows updates option.
  • Search for updates and then update the computer.
  • This will fix the issue in case there was an issue with the operating system.

Method 5: Change the Display Settings

  • To change the display settings, go to the settings and then go to the system option in the settings application.
  • In the display, settings look for multiple monitors and then select extend these displays. 
  • This will help with fixing the issue on your computer.
  • If you are using a laptop, find the dedicated key on the keyboard to change the display settings instead of using the settings application.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. Fix the issue with the third monitor and work efficiently on your computer or have fun playing games with multiple monitors.

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