Telegram now Supports Auto-deleting Messages on Windows – Complete Guide

Telegram is a very versatile and popular messaging software originally developed for android and iOS devices. The software is cloud-based and was built by two Russian developers. It is one of the widely used cloud-based messaging platforms with multi-media sharing features. You can share any kind of multimedia file over to anyone using the software. 

It has a good user interface and provides a pretty good messaging service. Telegram can be used by anyone in the world. It’ free software and can be put to use for better communication. The software offers many features like sending files over messages and the facility to download files and documents. You can create a group and add many people to it and have good conversations through the software. Telegram allows creating groups of thousands of people unlike WhatsApp which only allows 

How to Auto-Delete Messages in Any Telegram Chat on Windows

The software is not foolproof and your identity is not as safe as you think on this platform as anyone from any part of the world can view your contact number and some personal information. There are some security flaws in the server of telegram and your data is not as safe as telegram claims it to be. Anyhow, you don’t share much of your personal data and only share your mobile number and name, and using only this information your identity is not in crisis and you can use telegram without much of a worry. 

The software is free for download, the telegram has a Windows version, and works pretty well on Windows even though the software was built for Android and iOS. The software has a pretty good interface and functions similar to that of its Android and iOS counterparts. You can share multimedia files using this software and also chat with your contacts over the internet. You can directly access the application using the installable software module and can use it. This is one of the most versatile messaging software built by any developed for that concern. This being free is one of the advantages of using this platform. Telegram has any groups that you can join and chat with and grow your network with like-minded people using the software. When using such software, make sure that you don’t share any of your personal data on the platform to be safe from fraud and potential cyber threats.

With all this said, you would already be using the telegram software or is about to install it on your computer. There are many new feature updates provided to the telegram software from their tech team and one such feature is the auto-deletion of messages from the platform. Previously messages sent and received via telegram were saved both on the server and on your device storage. To cut down the cost of server maintenance and to reduce the amount of storage occupied by the telegram messages, the telegram has introduced a new useful feature the automatic-message deleting feature. With this feature, older messages will be deleted from the chat list or the history and save more space for both you and the telegram server. This is a great move to reduce the server load and improve the messaging experience of users. The feature is relatively new and you as a telegram user knowing this piece of tech information will be very beneficial. You can save up some space by removing the old chats and data from the application. 

You can enable this feature from your telegram settings and that is what you will be learning from the step-by-step procedure mentioned below. The process is quite simple and needs no expertise to switch on the auto-deleting feature in the software.

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How to Enable Auto-Delete Message Feature on Windows 10

Follow these mentioned steps to use the auto-delete feature in Telegram on Windows 10.

  • Open up the telegram software. 
  • Now, open a chat window and click on the three dots from the screen.
  • Now, select the clear history option from the list.
  • Select enable auto-delete option to enable the auto-deleting feature.
  • Select the duration you want your messages to be deleted. 
  • Click on save to save the settings in the software.
Telegram now offers auto-delete option for messages and invites

Once you are done with setting up the auto-delete feature, the software will delete all the chats that are in the history. The duration you set is used as a standard and the chats will be automatically deleted in harmony with the duration you have set. You can disable this feature if you want all your chats to be available on your device and can manually delete specific chats with the clear chat history feature, that you have always used. The auto-delete feature can come in handy and you don’t have to do anything to clear your chat data and can sit back when all the clearing is done by the software itself. You can also change the duration for clearing the chat data in the software by going to the chat and following the same process mentioned above. As previously mentioned telegram is a very useful software but is also a bit unprotected, sharing personal details on this platform can be misused, so being careful is very important.

Hope you have learned how to use the auto-delete feature in a telegram in Windows 10 PC. this auto-delete feature can be easily used and can save up some space in the storage and can make functioning better. The software will work fine with the auto-deletion feature turned on without glitches and errors. 

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