Windows 10 – How to Fix Stuck Caps Lock and Num Lock Keys

In every computer, a keyboard is an important aspect as this device has lots of keys and using them can make the work easier. The computer can even run without a mouse but it is impossible for a person to use a computer without a keyboard, which may be on-screen or physical. What makes the keyboard special is that they have several functional keys like letters, numbers and much more other support and utility keys, there are shortcut keys which are a combination of keys when used together does a specific thing in the computer and these very features are very essential for effective computing.

How to fix Caps Lock and Num Lock keys stuck in Windows 10

There are some specific keys on the keyboard. These keys have no act in controlling the computer but just used to control the different sections in the keyboard. There are basically three lock keys on the keyboard the caps lock, the num lock, and the scroll lock where the scroll lock has been scrapped away from most of the modern keyboards. The caps lock when toggled on lets the users type alphabets as capital letters and when toggled off normal, and when the num lock is toggled on the number pad is functional and when it is toggled off the number pad becomes non-responsive.

These keys are essential as they aid the user in using the keyboard effectively and mostly all computer OSes support these keys either directly or indirectly. In some cases, they also act as functional keys when necessary. All keyboards have these keys in them and some manufacturers put up a small LED light on them to indicate whether they are currently in use or is not used, with this the users can identify the state of the keys. The num lock is placed near the number pad and the caps lock is placed to the right side of the keyboard to provide ease in using them. Manufacturers who put a LED light in the keys have done a great job as it becomes easier for the users to find the keys and use them as the keyboard has lots of keys and confusions are quite natural.

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Keys and their functions

Caps Lock-  capitalizes all letters.

Num lock- enables access to the number pad on the keyboard.

Scroll lock- enables scrolling.

The Windows OS is well built and supports all sorts of input devices and support mostly all the keys in the device the features in the OS lets the OS precisely control and coordinate the devices connected to the computer and work in harmony with all the devices. The OS very well supports caps lock and num lock and the OS is well built to integrate with these keys to provide the users with good functioning. Even though the OS supports and integrates with the lock keys well, there are some errors that might occur with these keys, these keys can sometimes be continuously be engaged and cause a problem with the usage of the computer, that too when the caps lock is engaged all the letters will be in the capital format and bringing them to lower case can be difficult and hectic. To fix these type of issue there are some fixes which the users can make in the OS settings to fix the issue.

With all the utility is known, let us dive into the error fixing aspect. The article will elaborate provide you with the solution for fixing the caps lock and num lock that is stuck. The problem may arise when there is some fault with the settings of the computer but recently users have complained about this issue soon after they had updated their Windows 10 computer with the latest update. Follow along to know the fix and fix the issue on your Windows 10 computer.

Fix for Caps Lock and Num Lock Stuck in Windows 10

people who are hereafter the recent Windows update, you will find the fix for the caps lock stuck. You just need to follow through with the steps and make the necessary changes in your settings to fix the issue.

  • Open up the Settings application by looking for the settings icon in the start menu or by searching for settings in the search bar.
  • Once the application is opened, go to the time and language option.
  • Here, from the left side of the screen click on languages.
  • Now on the right-side window pane choose the keyboard option.
  • Now, choose the input language hotkeys under the keyboard option.
  • A new window will pop up. Here, click on advanced key settings.
  • Now, toggle on the option press the shift key.
  • Now, click on apply can click OK.

The method mentioned above is one of the best and easy to follow method, and if the method didn’t work for you, just try restarting the computer, or just disconnect the keyboard from the computer and reconnect it back. You can also try to uninstall the driver of the keyboard and reinstall it but be careful as you do that, make sure you have a mouse to aid you with the process.

Once you have done the above-mentioned steps, you can just press the shift button to disengage the caps lock. You can enable the caps lock by pressing the caps lock and then disengage using the shift key, with this you can effectively use your keyboard to write contents and other documents. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. Make efficient use of the steps mentioned above to fix the caps lock and num lock key stuck in Windows 10 OS.

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