How to Get the Windows 10 File Explorer Ribbon in Windows 11

Change can be difficult. Definitely for someone who has got used to something. Here Microsoft has rolled out their new OS the Windows 11 on their Windows insider program, which is about to release soon officially. The OS brings in many changes and they are pretty decent and could give the computer new and improved features. But here is the catch, the UI has been completely revamped and the new UI has different icons, file explorer, and other configurations.

People who are used to the Windows 10 user interface can find the new UI to be quite challenging and can struggle a little at the beginning. There is also a chance that people not liking the new user interface and want it to be as in Windows 10. Well, that is quite possible and this article will exactly show you how to make the Windows 11 file explorer’s ribbon looked the same as Windows 10’s file explorer. 

Microsoft had previously stated then Windows 10 would be their last major OS release but went back on their words and pulled out a play by announcing Windows 11 OS. it is said that the OS is much efficient and the user interface has got some tweaks, that can make the OS look cooler and more versatile. The OS is not yet released but the beta version can be accessed from the windows insider program, which you can download for free and some of you might have already got your hands on the OS and would like to make changes to the OS. for some, the beta would have not worked as it is not built for old computers and the hardware requirements is pretty high compared to Windows 10. 

 If you are new and are very much interested in the new Windows 11 OS, you certainly have to try using the beta release of Windows 11 on your computer. And if you have already got your hands on a copy of Windows 11 and are figuring out the OS, you are doing the right thing, you can explore the features and experience it beforehand than the rest of the world who are waiting for Microsoft to officially release it for public use. Well, when you explore the features, you might feel the oddness in the user interface and would like to change it to something familiar like that of Windows 10, so here is one such thing which can be changed for good, and that is the ribbon in the file explorer in Windows 11. So here is the way to make the ribbon look like the ribbon of Windows 10.

You can experiment with the OS as long you need until you find every key feature and customize the OS to your comfort. This will make you better at working with Windows 11 when it roles out and when your professional computer is upgraded, you get an upper hand at using the OS over first-time users. The file explorer in Windows 11 has obviously different from Windows 10 and instead of detailed icons this version has simple icons to display the various options in the file explorer, and someone who is not familiar with the icons can find it harder to use the application so changing it to can help with better using of the file explorer.

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How to change the Ribbon of Windows 11 File Explorer and make it look like that of Windows 10

Well, here is quite a simple method to change the ribbon in the file explorer. You can follow these steps and change the appearance of the file explorer on your Windows 11 computer. Hope Microsoft puts something much efficient to change the appearance in the official release.

  • To change the ribbon in the file explorer in Windows 11, go to the control panel.
  • In the control panel, go to the appearance and personalization tab.
  • The appearance and personalization tab will have everything related to appearance that you can modify and alter to suit your preferences.
  • Here, choose the file explorer option.
  • Here, go to the view tab.
  • Now, you will find many tiny checkboxes, which might have been checked and some unchecked, here, you have to check the box near “Launch folder windows in a separate process”. 
  • Now, click on apply.
  • This will change the ribbon of your Windows 11 file explorer and make it look like that of the Windows 10 file explorer. Now, you can effectively function without having to get confused.

If you want to revert what you did, you need to follow the same steps, but just uncheck the box near “Launch folder windows in a separate process”. If you feel that you need to learn to use the new interface.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, you can play around with all the different options in the Windows 11 OS and explore it deeply to get a good idea of the operating system, you can look for things on the internet ad customize your OS with all cool tricks and tips, so you become efficient in using Windows 11.

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