Fixed: High CPU Usage in AVG Secure Browser – [2022 Guide]

Browsing has become a significant component of everyone’s life and it has made out lives much simpler. With the internet hosting almost everything in this world, anyone can access any information or use an internet-based tool or package with ease and all this is facilitated by a browser on computers and other smart devices. Well, when it comes to browsers, they were first developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 to run GUI-based websites and since then there have been a lot of innovations and improvements done to the browser and right now, there are thousands of browsers that are available fr use by people.

So, with Windows computers being prominent;y used developers have hopped in and have released various browsers and users have a wide variety to choose from. Each and every browser has a speciality and some browsers are very famous and are commonly used by users. Well, in every case Windows OS comes with a built-in browser which was previously the internet explorer and now it is the Microsoft Edge, and even so, users tend to install a third-party web browser to perform web browsing and surfing.

So, from the list of famous browsers that are being used by millions AVG browser holds a spot and this browser provides smooth browsing and other internet access features allowing users to effectively use the browser and surf the internet. However, browsers on Windows computers tend to cause trouble at times and this is common for even the best and paid web browsers usually, these issues are pretty easily fixable, so here in our case, we are about to discuss an issue that is worrying users of the AVG browser by causing high CPU usage.

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AVG is a top tech manufacturer whose antivirus software is pretty famous for being one of the best software that is available for free. Apart from their antivirus software, theory pioneers in secure browsers and the product are called AVG secure browser, which is used by millions of people to securely browse the internet. With security, a major concern for users who regularly access the internet a browser that takes care of the security is a boon and for this reason, users use the AVG secure browser. But in recent times, users have been facing issues with the browser and they have observed that the CPU is clocked to be performing at a higher frequency than required and the cause seems to be the AVG browser.

A high CPU usage on Windows computers is a fairly common error and this can be caused by many applications or processes resolving the issue caused by these applications can be pretty easy, so here in this article, we will discuss some simple methods to fix the issue and effectively use the AVG browser on Windows with ease.

So, you might think and question: what causes high CPU usage issues and why is AVG the one that is causing trouble. Well, there are several reasons for the AVG browser to cause  high CU usage issues on Windows and they are:

  • A malware attack on the system can cause high CPU usage.
  • Too many tabs being opened in the browser can cause a high CPU as well as a high RAM issue.

So, these are some basic reasons for the high CPU usage error occur and here are some simple methods that you can use to fix the issue on your computer.

Simple Methods to Fix the AVG Secure Browser Causing High CPU Usage on Windows

Here are some simple methods to fix the high CPU usage issue caused by the AVG browser on a Windows computer.

Method 1: End all the AVG Processes

The browser will have a set of processes that will be running in the background, and ending all of them will help reduce CPU usage.

  • To end all the AVG processes, open the task manager and here find the AVG browser processes.
  • Now, to end all of them use the end task button.

Method 2: Run a Malware Scan to Remove them

  • To remove malware from your computer, run an antimalware scan on your computer, there are thousands of good antimalware software available for free and paid which you can use to get your job done.

Method 3: Reinstall the AVG Browser

Reinstalling an application that is causing trouble is a good thing and to do so,

  • Open the Settings application, and here, go to the apps and settings tab.
  • Here, open the apps section and from the list of applications delete the AVG browser.
  • Once you have uninstalled the application restart your computer, so any residual files can be removed.
  • Now, go to the internet using any other browser like the built-in browser(Microsoft Edge) and install the ACG Secure Browser installation file and then install it on your computer.

Method 4: Try Using Alternate Browsers

Well, as previously mentioned, there are thousands of good browsers out there and you can use any one of them, so just go to the internet, scan through some of the best browsers and then download and install the one that you feel is good for you.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these simple methods, you can easily fix the AVG secure browser high CPU usage issue on your computer.

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