Fixed: Missing or Failed Printhead Errors on HP Printers

In an era of computers and the internet, hardcopy or paper copies have become rare and used in minimal cases. Moreover, written documents are almost extinct with most people using computers and printing the document when needed. In this case, printers have become a much-needed machine for anyone who needs printing. Here we will be discussing an error with the HP printers that cause trouble with printing. So, hop on and get some idea about the error, its cause, and the fixes.

A computer printer prints text and images onto paper and film using ink. Printers have become much faster over time, and now use laser technology rather than pens to print. There are several types of printers, including desktop, laptop, photo, and industrial printers. Desktop printers are small and portable and can be connected directly to a computer via a USB cable. Laptop printers are designed to work with laptops and connect to them through wireless networking. Photo printers are designed specifically for printing photographs, and industrial printers are used in factories and warehouses to label products. 

So, printers being a very important machine they are extensively used in professional institutions. So, to manage and use it efficiently, people need to put effort into maintaining it, or else they might cause issues in crucial situations. Well, the printer has several components that have to be functioning in order to make printing possible but if one component fails it becomes unusable and in several cases, components of the printer have to be changed and upgraded on use. Moreover, the device has several moving parts, and wear and tear are pretty common these aspects need to be kept in mind and managed efficiently. 

With this said, let’s dive into our case here, the printhead failure is a pretty common error on HP printers and the major cause for this issue is physical issues, as previously stated, printers use many moving parts and damages are common when mechanical components are involved. The printhead failure is because there might be clogging in the ink cartridge nozzle, ink drying out due to not being used for a long time. The other common reasons are using the printer excessively can damage the printhead or incorrectly placing the printhead in the printer might cause damage. 

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Usually, the lifespan of a print head is around 2000-3000 papers and some may even withstand about 10000 prints. Well, it depends on the quality of the print head, the maintenance, and the usage. So, with this clear, let’s dive into finding some common issues that get displayed when trying to print.

Common Printhead Issues on Computers

  • Missing Printhead HP 8600: This is a model-specific issue and this might be because of the misplacement of the cartridge simply removing the cartridge and replacing it can fix the issue.
  • Missing Printhead HP 8610: This is a model-specific issue and this might be caused because the printhead is not seated properly in place.
  • HP OfficeJet Pro X476dw MFP failed printhead.
  • HP 8625 Printhead is Missing or Failed: In addition to checking for physical problems, reset the printer.
  • HP 6600 Printhead is missing or has failed: Be sure to unplug the printer for at least 15 seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • HP OfficeJet Pro X576dw printhead is missing or damaged: some models give an error due to an incorrect cable connection. It is recommended that you contact HP Customer Support. 
  • HP OfficeJet 8620 Printhead Missing or Defective: The error typically occurs after replacing cartridges when it interferes with the position of the printhead. So check it out.
  • Missing or defective HP 6700 printheads: Make sure the printer is plugged directly into a power source, and if that fails, update the firmware.

Well, with the printhead failure being a hardware issue, it might as well be something related to bad software and you can check that before trying to change the hardware by doing so, you might actually save a lot and even fix the issue with something like a simple restart or a reset.

Simple Methods to Fix Missing or Failed Printhead Issues on HP Printer

So, here are some simple methods that you can try before replacing the printhead or the entire printer.

Method 1: Reset the Printer:

  • To reset the printer, switch on the printer, and now pull out the power cable from the printer and then from the power socket.
  • Now, put back the chord both ways and then switch on the printer.

Method 2: Align the Printhead Properly

  • Putting the printhead in its place will fix the issue and to do that, open the printer carefully using the sign on the surface of the printer or use the manual.
  • Now, find the pinhead and then remove it.
  • Well, most pinheads are held down by some cover or a lock so disengage it before removing the printhead.
  • Now, once you remove the printhead, check whether it has any dust or damage, if not, just replace it with care and engage the lock in place so the printhead is reseated properly in place.

Method 3: Clean the Cartridge

  • To clean the cartridge, switch off the printer, and open it up carefully. Now, find the cartridge and just pull it out after you disengage any locks.
  • Now, take a clean cloth (microfibre is preferred), wipe the surface of the cartridge gently, and then replace it inside the printer and re-engage the lock.

Method 4: Update the Printer Firmware

  • To update the firmware, open the device manager on your computer.
  • Here, in the device manager, locate the printer driver and then right-click on it.
  • Here, select the update driver option.
  • Here, select the search for updates automatically option.
  • The wizard will install the updates on your computer.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these simple methods, you can easily fix the missing or failed printhead on HP printers.

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