How to Disable Animations in Windows 10 – Quick Guide

Computers and smart devices have become more accessible to anyone and everyone. This is because the technology has been made accessible and user-friendly. Well, such a feat has been achieved by developers with the help of a graphical user interface. So, to better understand the graphical user interface, we need to dive into a time when the computer was initially developed and marketed.

Well, the computers developed initially were programmed with simple codes and they had a command line user interface where the user had to feed appropriate commands to make things happen, but the problem with this system was that it was only accessible by very few who were familiar with programming and to make the technology more reachable graphical user interface was brought in and since the first GUI based OS, GUI has been the base and now, we are at a point where no OS is a command line based but they still have a command line tool separately which can be used by people who need its features. 

Well, in this the case graphical user interface has taken form and a modern computer has several components where the GUI has improved and users tend to use it often. Well, in modern-day UX/UI is given as much importance as the actual software as the User Interface(UI) and the UX are what the users will be viewing and they act as a bridge between the app and the user.

Animate means to bring forth, make or produce an effect. So, the animation is bringing forth an effect in some way. It can make things look alive. The first use of animation was in ancient times in storytelling using drawings and clay models. Animation has evolved since then and now we have special effects to create different movements and visuals.

So, as we all know, Microsoft’s Windows is one of the oldest operating systems that has been operational and updated several times to make it one of the best in the industry. Today, more than half of the computers that are running run Windows OSes and this makes the OS a highly commended one. The popularity of the OS can be attributed to the user interface. So,  one of the features of the user interface that makes it look smooth and the color is the animations. All OSes for that matter will have animations in them and you can notice the animations when there is a transition of panes or objects on the screen the animations on Windows are pretty well established but still when the animation can become more of trouble rather than a feature so some prefer to disable the feature on Windows. 

Well, if you wonder why the animations can become evil, the answer to this is that animations on the OS can make the OS seem to work slower and when you have a computer with limited resources, every ounce of the resource needs to be focused on performance rather than animations and other stuff. So, if your computer’s animation is enabled and you feel the OS is sluggish you can always turn the animations off and get on with working at a better pace.

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So, here in this article, we will explore how to disable the animations on a Windows 10 computer. Well, Windows 10 uses heavy animations to look the OS smoother in turn making the computer sluggish. This OS features new GUI improvements and hence Microsoft had increased the use of animations to better the user interface. So, if you are running a Windows 10 system and the animations seems to be a problem, here is how you can disable the animations and get on with your work much more efficiently.

Simple Steps to Disable the Animations on Windows 10

So, here is the simplest and most straightforward method to disable the animations on Windows 10 OS you can follow these steps and disable the animations on your computer with ease.

  • To begin with, open the Ease of Access settings by searching it on the search bar by using the Windows + S shortcut on the computer.
  • Here, in the ease of access tab, find the display option and open it.
  • Now, in the display tab, scroll down to the simplify and personalize Windows section and here toggle off the switch under show animations on Windows.
  • This will turn off the animations on your computer.

So, once you have turned off the animations on your Windows 10 computer, you will feel the system to be a bit fast and the smoothness that was there previously when there was any kind of transition will go off and you can get a fast and apt user experience. Well, anytime you can re-enable the animation option on Windows 10 by just going back to the settings and then toggling back on the switch under the show animations on Windows option.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with the simple method illustrated above, you can disable the animations on a Windows 10 computer and if you feel that the animations are better, you can re-enable them with ease.

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