Fixed: Battery Icon is Missing on Windows 10 – Step by Step Guide

We all know that laptops run on batteries, unlike a personal computer which directly runs using an external power source. The advantage of using a laptop is the power source is pretty reliable and even during power cuts you can use laptops and work efficiently. In every laptop, there will be a battery manager and the battery icon is a very crucial part of the power manager. In a Windows 10 laptop, the icon is usually present in the notification tray on the right button corner and is accessible.

How to fix Battery Icon is Missing on Windows 10 - Step by Step Guide

The battery icon in the system tray is responsive and you can change the power modes using this icon. The most common power mode is performance, balanced and power saver mode. These power modes are pretty useful when performing different operations on the computer and can be accessed quickly using the battery icon. Well, the main function of the battery icon is to display the amount of battery life left, so, you can easily charge the computer and use it without losing any progress. 

With this said, a missing battery icon can be a pretty difficult situation to handle, you could be panicked. Well, the battery icon gone missing is a pretty simple flaw. Fixing it is very much easy and can be done by following a few methodical fixes.

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So, here in this article, we will discuss the fixes and how to go about performing them for ease of understanding.

So, Let’s dive in and fix the missing battery icon in the system tray.

How to fix Missing Battery Icon in the System Tray of Windows 10

Fixing the issue is much easier than you think, here are some simple methods you can try and fix the issue on your Windows 10 computer. 

Method 1: Restart the Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is pretty much responsible for some issues related to Windows OS and restarting the application will fix the issues. Well, the taskbar, the system tray is connected to WIndows explorer and restarting it will fix minor issues.

  • So, to restart the WIndows Explorer you first have to close all the running explorer tabs and make sure there is no file transfer or other explorer related task running. You can also restart the computer to make sure there is no operation done by the Windows explorer.
  • Once you are ready, open the task manager by pressing the Control key + the shift key and the Escape key on the keyboard one after the other.
  • Now once the task manager has opened, locate the explorer.exe.
  • Now, select the explorer.exe and then right-click on it. 
  • Here in the menu, select the end task.
  • Well, now the computer desktop will go blank with no icons or taskbar.
  • Now, in the task manager, go to the File tab on the left top corner and click on it.
  • Here select the option, “run new task”.
  • Now a small window will pop up in that, you can enter “explorer.exe” and then hit enter.
  • The explorer will restart and the battery icon will be visible again as normal.

Method 2: Check Whether the Battery Icon is Hidden in the Hidden System Tray

The system tray is divided into two parts, one will display the icons on the taskbar and the other is a hidden one, which you can access by clicking on the arrow-like icon in the taskbar. Well, there is a chance of the battery icon going into the hidden tray by mistake, and you can check the hidden tray and bring it back out.

  • To access the hidden tray, click on the arrow-like icon on the taskbar. 
  • Now see whether the battery icon is there, if it is there, click on it and drag the icon outside the hidden tray. 
  • The system tray can handle only 4 icons to be displayed outwardly so, check whether there is any other icon that has taken the place of the battery icon.

Method 3: Toggle on Which Icons are Displayed in the Taskbar

The battery icon might have been accidentally disabled from showing on the taskbar, and you can fix this by enabling it in the settings.

  • To enable the battery icon, right-click anywhere on the taskbar and then select the option taskbar settings.
  • Here, in the settings app, go to the taskbar tab.
  • Now, scroll down on the right side screen and locate “select which icons appear on the taskbar option”.
  • Now, toggle on the button near the option that says power to enable displaying the battery icon on the taskbar.

Method 4: Reinstall the Power Adapter

Reinstalling the power adapter will fix the issue and resolve any issues related to the power and battery in the computer.

  • To reinstall the power adapter, open the device manager.
  • Here, locate the power(batteries) option in the list.
  • Now, select the Microsoft AC Adapter option and then uninstall the device.
  • Now, scan for hardware to reinstall the adapter.
  • Now restart the computer.

Well, these are some simple methods to fix the battery icon missing from the Icon Tray on Windows 10. With these fixes, you can easily get back the battery icon on the taskbar and effectively track the battery life.

Hope the information provided above wash helpful and informative, fix the issue on your computer anf effectively track the battery life.

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