How to Auto-hide the Taskbar in Windows 10 – Complete Guide in 2021

Windows users will know the importance of the taskbar and why the taskbar is so essential? The taskbar is the little bar or a rectangular thing present mostly at the bottom of the Windows screen. Taskbar mainly functions in making things easier for the user. The Taskbar contains software, and other key components like shortcuts for most of the prominent tools like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound, Battery, notifications, and much more.

When you start a software or a built-in tool you will see the tool’s icon pop-up in the taskbar to make operations easier. You can maximize or minimize the software or the tool using the taskbar. You will also find the start button and the search bar in the taskbar which are very essential and important components of Windows systems.

How to Hide the Taskbar in Windows 10 - Complete Guide
Auto Hide the Taskbar in Windows 10

With such comprehensive importance, the taskbar is very efficient and is a key component of the operating system. You can navigate between software better and multi-task easily. There certainly are perks of the taskbar but sometimes it comes in the way and blocks some part of the windows screen, especially when the monitor is small and the taskbar seems to be thick. 

To avoid this problem you can auto-hide the taskbar when performing actions that need fullscreen functionalities. You can easily toggle the button from the settings to make the taskbar disappear. By doing so, you get some extra space and your screen aspect ratio will be increased. 

When you hide the taskbar you can lose many crucial functionalities like navigation, ease in multitasking, the start menu, search option, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth functions. If you are an expert with computer shortcuts, you need not worry as you can summon most of these components with simple keyboard shortcuts, for people who don’t know shortcuts, it is not recommended to hide the taskbar as you may struggle with accessing some of the basic features. If you have accidentally hidden the taskbar you can turn the thing back on without having to struggle much.

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How to Auto-hide the Taskbar in Windows 10

This procedure for hiding the taskbar can come in handy and learning it would be beneficial. If you are someone who doesn’t use shortcuts often, kindly reconsider before hiding the taskbar as you can feel the difficulty of the absence of the taskbar. The process is very simple and doesn’t require you to install any kind of software to do the hiding.

Let us learn how to Auto-hide the taskbar in Windows 10:

  • Follow these simple mentioned steps to hide the taskbar in your Windows 10 computer.
  • From the start menu, find the settings icon and open the settings.
  • Once you are in the settings, you will find different options, you need to choose the personalization option from the screen, you can find the option in the top-right corner of the settings panel.
  • Once you are in the personalization tab, look for the taskbar option on the left side of the screen. 
  • Click the taskbar option to make changes to the taskbar settings.
  • From the list of taskbar-related functions displayed on the right side, you need to find the one that says “automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”.
  • Switch on the mode and see the taskbar disappearing from the screen. Once the taskbar disappears the void is filled by the open screen and can be used as fullscreen.
  • If you feel the necessity of the taskbar, then you can use the option that says, use small taskbar buttons, this will reduce the taskbar size to a great extent but also will provide you with the taskbar features without completely removing the taskbar. 

This is how you automatically hide the taskbar from the screen in Windows 10. You can revert the hiding by going to the settings and unchecking the option that says auto-hide taskbar and it is as simple as that.

NOTE: If you find the taskbar resurfacing on the screen, even after you have hidden the taskbar, you can open up the task manager and restart the Windows explorer to correct any possible glitches and errors. Once the explorer restarts, the taskbar will get hidden.

How to auto-hide the taskbar in Windows 10 | ISORIVER
Auto-hide the taskbar in Windows 10 | ISORIVER

The taskbar is a very powerful and must-have component of the Windows operating system. The taskbar is unique to the OS and is very much helpful in making working easier. You can easily do many operations simple with the help of the taskbar as it is connected with various aspects of the OS. you can access the start menu, access different shortcuts, access the software, and also navigate between all the opened and running software. You get the freedom and mobility with the taskbar. 

Disabling or hiding such a useful tool can really help you expand your screen but will cause you to lose many mobility functions. You can make the choice of whether you want the taskbar or want it hidden. That totally depends on your level of skills and necessity. If you hide the taskbar in small-sized monitors, you can extend your working space or the desktop space. Learn some of the important shortcuts before hiding the taskbar. As previously mentioned you can use the alternative method of reducing the size of the taskbar so that you can get some extra screen space and also enjoy the presence of the taskbar. 

Hope the information provided above was useful and you were able to hide the taskbar in your Windows 10 computer. You can revert or unhide the taskbar any time you feel like it.

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