Fixed: Application has been Blocked to Accessing Graphics Hardware

The applications have been blocked to access the graphics hardware is a very common error that occurs on almost all platforms. The main solution to this problem is simply to restart your platform again. It happens at some point, the platform itself ignores some driver or software files.

How To Fix Application Has Been Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware In Windows 10

As a result, these issues occur on your platform. But let’s see one more solution for this problem from which you can easily fix the blocked app by accessing the graphics hardware. To know more about The Minecraft error, drop down to our ISO River Page for the detailed insights.

How can you fix the Application Blocked Accessing Graphics Hardware

The application has blocked access to the graphics hardware is an error message that usually appears when accessing some game browser or even between games in Windows 10. And this is not really a big problem. As some games and browsers need permissions from you to access graphics hardware for better application performance. And also solving this problem is a very easy task that you can do on your platform. Below are some of the easy steps and methods you can use to unlock this issue on your platform.

By Running System File Checker Scan

Sometimes it happens that the application from which you are opening the graphic hardware is wrong. And because you have blocked the use of graphics hardware in your application. And this lock could be from system files. So to verify this you can simply run a System File Checker on your platform. Let’s review the steps you need to follow to run a smooth System File Checker scan on your Windows 10 platform.

  • First of all, open the command prompt on your platform by simply pressing the keyboard shortcut keys. The shortcut keys for the command prompt are Windows Button + X.
  • After typing DISM.exe / online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth in that command prompt area and then hitting enter.
  • After that, enter sfs / scannow and then enter it. The SFC scan will now be performed on your platform and could take more than 20-30 minutes.
  • So after this just restart your platform and check if the locked issue is solved or not.

If the locked issue is still not resolved, you can use the next method which is Reinstall the graphics card driver.

By Reinstalling The Graphics Card Driver

The next thing you can do with your platform is to reinstall the graphics card driver on your platform. Sometimes it happens that the application might have been corrupted and as a result it also shows incompatibility with the graphics card driver. So to solve this problem you can reinstall the graphics card driver on your platform. Follow the steps and methods below to do this activity in a very enthusiastic way.

  • Open the Device Manager window on your platform. The shortcut key to open Device Manager is Windows Key + X on the keyboard letter button.
  • After that, simply double-click the Display Adapters button to expand the category from which you have reinstalled the graphics card driver.
  • After that, just right-click on the graphics card and uninstall it from your platform.
  • Select the device driver software and then remove it too.
  • A dialog box will appear in this process, where you just need to say yes to that dialog box and then completely uninstall it from your platform.
  • After uninstalling the driver from your platform, simply scan the hardware changes on your platform and then reinstall the driver back on your platform.
Solved: Application has been blocked to accessing graphics hardware

Be careful that this method restarts your platform between the uninstall and reinstall process.

By Updating The Graphic Card Driver

Sometimes it happens that the graphics card driver doesn’t work due to the older version of the graphics card driver. It happens that when you update Windows and process on your platform, the graphics card driver is supported by those new updates. And because it creates a problem at work and also blocks usage. Therefore, updating the graphics card driver along with all the updates on your platform is very useful and necessary.

You can easily update your driver files through Driver Booster 6. Now what Driver Booster 6 does is scan your platform and then suggest updates according to your platform demands. And this makes users easier to update only those drivers and software that are badly needed for the job.

By Rolling Windows 10 back to its Restore Point

Now this step is one of the biggest you will take for your platform. How this step will remove and reset only one thing on your platform. So if you have important files and documents protect them in some external folders then reset your platform settings.

Now, this function will not only repair all applications, but will also fix some of the blocked errors. This feature will also improve the working conditions of your platform.

Therefore, all of these steps mentioned above are one of the safest steps and methods you can use for your platform.

Application has been blocked to accessing graphics hardware

Applications that crash when accessing graphics hardware is a very common occurrence on all platforms, not just Windows 10. And these issues can be easily solved simply by following some steps and methods mentioned above. We hope that all the information provided in this article is productive enough to help you understand more about the applications that are blocked when accessing graphics hardware. But even if you have any questions about it, feel free to connect with ISO River and solve your query.

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