Fixed: Adobe Software you are using is not Genuine

Adobe Software is known as one of the best platforms for video editing and photo editing. As it has all the latest packages to work in a very easily compatible way. Since it has many features on one platform, which makes it very different from any other software present in the current scenario. But the most important update that Adobe made this year is that they abolished all fake Adobe software on the market by putting some genuine codes on the market that made the Adobe brand more genuine than any software on the market that has its own copyright and trademarks too.

But the common problems you have every day now is that you are asking for genuine code more often than ever, as well as the error it shows every time it is opened. All these problems are creating a big problem for the users who really use this software for their work purposes. The biggest problem is that all these problems mainly occur on Windows 10 platform.

For all these issues that happen only on the Windows platform, the below listed will always help you to solve the issues. To know more about Discord Search Not Working – Troubleshooting, drop down to our ISO River page for the detailed insights.

Overview of Adobe Non Genuine Error Pop-Up

Before taking steps to remove the pop-up message from Adobe software, check whether your Adobe software is really genuine or not. And this could be easily verified by going to the official Adobe site and putting the product code there and checking if it is genuine or not, if it is not shown, just uninstall the Adobe from your PC and download it again from original sites even the official Adobe provides the latest Adobe ISO files that contain, download and extract those files and install them on your PC.

Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Fix Windows
Solved: The Adobe Software you are using is not Genuine

In the meantime, what you should be careful about when installing it is that you select the file that is compatible with your platform settings, sometimes it happens that the latest updates in Adobe software might not work for your current platform. So please update your platform and download the updated version from Adobe. Along with that, take care of the language preference. Download only that version that is also compatible with your language.

Fix: Adobe Software 

  • Download the file, extract that particular ISO in the desired location 
  • You will find an application inside which would be the setting to install Adobe on your platform
  • Click to Open and complete the whole process according to that setting. 

Then, all the changes that Adobe makes on its platform. 

  • Click OK when the setup is complete. 
  • Open it and check if the problem is happening again or not.

If it appears, follow these steps, firstly remove all the places where the Adobe software has been used up to which could be Internet Explorer or even many different applications. Don’t kill apps, just kill Adobe use of the app by simply going to task manager and then processes and select the Adobe process from all those processes and stop that particular process from there. Then just restart your platform one more time and check if this error reappears or not.

If it reappears, just follow these steps, which are a little different but will help you run it, which is running Adobe software as administrator. You just need to right-click on the Adobe software and then go to its properties and in that there would be an option that would be run by Adobe as administrator. Click on that particular option and then get on with your work. This feature will help you run Adobe software without errors and pop-ups.

Solved: WARNING! Adobe software is not genuine
Solved: WARNING! Adobe Software is not Genuine

Therefore, all these steps will always help you not only in this error but also in many different errors that occur while working on it.


Sometimes it happens that the Adobe you are using can give you errors that it might be difficult to process correctly in Windows 10, but that does not mean that the Adobe Software you are using is not original. It means that it is not working correctly and for that only you need to run Adobe as an administrator, which will eventually make the software work properly. We believe that all your queries about the originality of Adobe software are productive enough to clarify all your queries, although if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below in the comment box.

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