Solved: Discord Search Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide in 2020

Discord is an application or interface that is created to connect gamer communities with other players and even this interference is used in business where it has shortened business communication and made it very easy as well. Discord helps us communicate with other people, not only in text but also in the image; video and you can even communicate with that person by a voice from anywhere and with too much freedom. And this application is even used by more than 250 million people and mainly by gamers because it provides an uninterrupted connection with another person while playing and without interrupting it. 

This new form of communication was initially released in 2015, but it had an updated version released in 2020 that has fixed all the bugs and issues from the previous version and has now started on all operating systems which are Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and even in web browsers too. And the main reason why this interface is getting popular is used in many games which includes many famous games like Fortnite where this application is used as a communication channel between gamers.

But recently, this interface is faced a lot when using the search options, where it has been seen that many times the search function does not work in many cases or sometimes stops responding as well.

Search function not working and is always showing no results
Solved- Discord Search Not Working

However, users face many issues where the Discord app doesn’t work normally as it’s supposed to. Discords accept this problem on your request and are always there working on any problem and are always there for help. But the fact that many times the issues occurred in Windows 10 format where much driver update is required to work with this interface as it is third party software and many permissions are also required. So if you are a Windows user and you are facing a problem then please follow the steps and ways listed below before contacting Discord.

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How to Fix Discord Search

First of all, check to see if there are any issues at the end of Discord that may be creating the issue for this to work. And for that just head over to the “Search Tool Doesn’t Work” page and check what issues your team is facing and if the Discord team has any workaround in the search option issue or it’s just on their system.

The next step you can take is to check if your Discord servers are working properly or not. And for that, you have to see if the search API works correctly or not. If you see any red lines in any of the bands shown in the API, it means there is a server error on your system that is causing the discord search to not work properly.

If you find any red lines on your band, just scroll down on that particular page and just do a query for the face of your problem where you can see that your problem will be solved by the company itself and then you could go back to this page and Look at your status of the problem posed and the response accordingly.

However, the most effective way to solve all your problems is by contacting the Discord Team by sending a support request to the company, where all your answers will be solved by the Discord team itself, where they will listen to all your problems and provide solutions to all your problems too. Also, if you submit more than one request for your issues, then it will be more prominent for the company and they will consider your presentation first and also help you with support.

Search Not Working in Discord – What to Do
Discord Search Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

However, before getting to the support system, check for updates on Discord before raising a problem. If there is any update in the app then it could also create a problem in the search system. And to check for updates in the Discord app, close the app from the taskbar completely. And then just update Discord and reopen the app again.

However, if nothing happens by following all these steps, just search for that particular error manually and find the result and act accordingly. Many times you can easily solve any problem in Discord for a time to rest too.


Whenever you see that Discord is stuck somewhere, remember to check first if you have a proper internet connection or not. A lot of times it happens, due to the slow internet connection, the load gets stuck somewhere, so just wait a moment at that point and let it take a while to load instead of getting tense. Therefore, we hope that all the information provided in this article is complete enough to solve your problem in case the case of Discord search doesn’t work.

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