How to Activate Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs – Complete Guide

Windows 11 has been built with cool new features that have revolutionised computer OSes. This version of Windows has lots of modern features that have made the OS aesthetically pleasing and advanced. The new OS is yet to cover many new users, but some users have already migrated to Windows 11 from previous windows versions. The OS is said to feature new features that will surpass previous versions of Windows, and here is one feature in the OS that has been gaining popularity amongst users. 

Windows Explorer is a very prominent application in Windows OS and the application allows users to access all the files on the computer. It is still one of the most used applications on Windows computers and accessing files would be difficult without the use of Windows explorer. So, such a prominent application needs to be upgraded and newer features must be included. Well, Microsoft has been making File Explorer better with each version of Windows OS. And with Windows 11, just released, Microsoft has provided a new update to Windows 11, providing it with features improving File Explorer. Here in this article, let’s find out what the new feature brings to the table and how to activate it on Windows 11 computers.

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The new feature that has been introduced to the file explorer is the tabs feature, now in the file explorer, you can open different folders at the same time using the tabs feature and then navigate between the different tabs with ease. Previously, the tabs feature was available, but users had to use the taskbar to open various file explorer tabs. This was a pretty inconvenient thing and users had difficulties switching between tabs using the mouse. So, with the new tab feature in File Explorer, Microsoft has made switching between tabs easier. 

This feature has been recently added by Microsoft to Windows 11 by the means of updates and the new feature has been tested out and many have come to like the feature. The concept is pretty new and fascinating, letting users easily access files from different folders simultaneously without having to constantly use the explorer from the taskbar. This feature is pretty much like using tabs on browsers of the modern-day, whereas tabs in old browsers had opened on the taskbar and users had to use the taskbar to access the tabs.

 Well, the feature has not been officially released by Microsoft but is available on the Ev channel of the Windows Insider Program, so, if you are curious, and are an insider, you can get this feature activated on your Windows 11 computer.

So, if you are not an Insider, you can hop on and become one with ease from the Settings application> Update and Security> Windows Update> Windows Insider> Register with your Microsoft credentials and become an insider. 

Note: Select the option Dev Channel when asked the channel of the insider program you are interested into test upcoming features of Windows 11.

So, now that you are a Windows Insider, you can try out the feature on your computer. To do so:

How to Enable the Tabs on File Explorer on Windows 11

Well, enabling the tabs on Windows File Explorer is a pretty simple task, just follow these simple steps and give the file explorer a new look.

  • First, Download the ViVeTool from GitHub.
  • Now, extract the downloaded tool and install it.
  • Now, open the command prompt as an administrator by searching for CMD in the search bar and then right-click on the Command Prompt icon from the search result and then select run as administrator.
  • Now, in the command prompt terminal, here type the path to the ViVeTool like cd C:\FOLDER\PATH\ViveTool-v0.2.1 and hit enter.
  • Now type in ViVetool add config 34370472 2 and hit enter.
  • Now, once the command has been executed, restart your computer.

So, this is how you can enable the tabs on Windows 11 file explorer, well, the feature is still under development and the final stage is yet to be reached, so, if you face any issue with using the tabs feature, you can remove the feature.

The ViVeTool that is used here, has many other hidden GUI features that you can enable and have fun with customising your user interface. But, before you start playing around with the tool, take a backup or create a restore point, so, in case of any errors, you can easily roll back to the point that was prevailing before you enabled the ViVeTool. The ViVeTool is not only supported for Windows 11, you can also use it on Windows 10 builds higher than 2004. To run the tool, you need the .Net Framework 4.8.

Microsoft is planning to bring is many other features to Windows 11 with subsequent updates, that you can enjoy beforehand with the dev channel, if you are interested in experiencing the features, you can gladly become a Windows Insider and try out the features, before most of the world does. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with the new ViVeTool you can modify the graphic user interface of your Windows 11 computer and work on an aesthetically pleasing computer.

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  1. You know what’s funny. There was a tool like this for a while called groupy, and it’s much better. It allows you to have tabs for any application.

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