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Data is a widespread commodity in a system and the management of it is very important. But most of the time, it is pretty hard to manage all the data and especially the amount of storage that they occupy in the system. There are two disadvantages that arise due to mismanagement of data;

  1. Data occupies most of the space that leads to filling up the available space. 
  2. Chances of data getting misplaced causing delay and confusion in the retrieval process.

There are also various other disadvantages and one such prime reason would be that the processor would be burdened with a lot of work and eventually slow down the system. 

The solution to keeping things straight in data management is archiving them and who best than WinRAR 5.80 to do the job for you.


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The WinRAR is a powerful archiving software that meticulously compresses and archives data, especially in the RAR and ZIP formats. The free archiving tool is a wonderful culmination of various features that make the process of archiving data into any type of format that you want to. There is also an added advantage that the same software can unpack CAB, GZ, BZ2 and ARJ formats and much more. This gives the software a leading advantage in helping you maintain data and retrieve precious data whenever you want at your convenience. 

Where can you download WinRAR 5.80 Full Version Free for Windows
WinRAR 5.80 for Windows

With the software, you can Organize and manage all the archived data more efficiently and the in-built software will guide you through most of the nooks and corners in managing data.

There are some classy features that make the software a much-demanded software and those are mentioned below;

1. The system can handle big-data

The biggest deal that you expect when you are dealing with a data archiving tool is the adaptability of the tool to manage and archive huge data. the WinRAR software can archive up to 8859 GB of data and successful retrieval of the archived data to multivolume archive files.

This makes sure that the amount of data that you work with is maintained in a credible source and the risk of that data creeping upon the hard disk space is neglected. The software also efficiently manages the archived file by properly organizing the data.

2. Reconstruct damaged or deleted files

All of us make mistakes and it is very natural for us to feel for what is lost. But all that can be avoided in the WinRAR software. The software is loaded with recovery software that will help you in retrieving the data that got deleted. There are also various other formats in which the data can get hampered. All these problems can be avoided with the software. You can actually re-build the damaged data with the software and ensure that all the data that you handle with the software can be rendered safely.

3. User-friendly Wizard

There is an in-built wizard that will take care of all your data handling by compressing and decompressing all your data. the wizard will give you instructions and help you in guiding you in the process. The wizard also helps you in selecting the files and carefully compressing them. The process becomes simple with the wizard on board to help you with the management of the data process.

If are you looking for WinRAR 5.80 Full Version for Windows free download
Download WinRAR 5.80 Full Version for Windows – ISORIVER

There is also much more to the actual process where the data is perfectly organized by the wizard and you don’t have to look around for getting the thing done. The wizard is an added advantage for beginners who are new to the process.

4. Suggestions-driven

There is a lot of software that lacks the intelligence to help the user to use the software more effectively. But the WinRAR software safely manages the data. the software will automatically detect the type of file that you are actually trying to compress and based on the input it will suggest the best method to get the job done. This makes the process much faster and allows the user to extract multimedia files at a much faster rate.

5. Protection is key

We are so connected that most of the data that we transfer is done using the internet. Now the biggest disadvantage with that process is that your data is at a high risk of suffering from a cyber-attack. But with the advanced security option and the 256-bit password encrypted assisted data transfer supported by WinRAR, transferring data through the internet is as safe as it can get.

6. Lock files that are yours

The data that you handle using the WinRAR software can be entire to you if you choose to opt for the locking option. Using the feature, you can actually lock the file from getting accessed by others. This added feature makes the software a much reliable one.

System Requirement

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 any configuration compatible 
  • RAM requirement: 512 MB 
  • HDD space: 10MB 
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz

Download WinRAR for windows

You can download the installation file for installing the WinRAR 5.8 version onto your system by accessing the links. The software is a pretty neat software and is compatible with almost any system with the lowest specifications.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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