Fixed: Windows 11 File Explorer Crashing

Files are everything on computers. Every feature and every operation you conduct on a computer is backed up by files. Simply put they are just collections of data stored in a drive. You may think of a file as being like a paper document- you create it, write something down on it, then save it somewhere else. On a computer, files are simply organized pieces of data. So, basically, everything on the computer is constituted by files. So with everything being stored as files, it is important they are managed and organized, and accessible for the users. Hence, all OSes have something that provides users with the ability to manage, access, and perform various operations on the files stored on the computer. So, when you face any issue

That deters you from using the feature of the computer, you can have trouble with using the computer and get your job done, so here we are about to discuss the Windows 11 file explorer crashing issue.

For this purpose, Microsoft has built something called Windows File Explorer. It is commonly known as just “Explorer”., The file manager was developed by Microsoft and included with Windows NT 4.0 onwards. As its name suggests, Explorer provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing files and folders on local hard drives. It is part of the operating system’s shell API and is built into Windows 95 and later versions. File formats define how a piece of data inside a file is structured; they specify where data begins and ends, and what kind of data is contained within the file. Generally, a specific format is associated with only one application, although some applications allow users to save files in multiple formats.

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The file explorer on Windows is much more advanced and is capable of performing many activities that allow the users to manage and use the file efficiently. So, when this application fails to deliver its service and crashes often can make it difficult for the users to use the features effectively. So, here we are about to discuss the causes of the crash and the fixes to make the problem go away.

Several Reasons for File Explorer to crash on Windows 11

So, what might be the cause for the File Explorer to crash and fail on a Windows 11 computer? Well, there are several reasons for File Explorer to crash on a Windows computer and they are:

Faulty System Settings

With faulty system settings, any application will crash on the computer and so will the explorer crashing, so if your file explorer crashes, it is good to start by checking your system settings for any fault.

Incompatible Applications

Any third-party application that is incompatible with the OS or the file explorer can cause the issue. So, checking which app is causing the problem to fix the issue is a wise choice.

A large Number of Files in the History

When you overload your computer with more and more heavy files, this issue can occur.

Corrupt System Files

When any system file goes corrupt the computer malfunctions and when any system file related to the file explorer gets corrupted, the file explorer can crash often.

How to Fix The File Explorer Crashing Issue on Windows 11

So, here are some simple methods that you can use to fix the file explorer crashing issue on your Windows 11 computer.

Method 1: Adjust the File Explorer Settings

  • To adjust the file explorer settings, open the control panel by using the search function in the taskbar and here searching for the control panel.
  • Now, open the control panel by selecting the control panel option from the search results.
  • Here, in the control panel select the file explorer option.
  • Now navigate to the general tab.
  • Here, under the open file explorer select this pc option from the drop-down.
  • Now, click on apply and then on Ok to save the changes.

Method 2: Clear the Cache

  • To clear the cache of the file explorer, open the control panel on your computer.
  • Here in the control panel app, open the file explorer option.
  • Here, in the general tab, under the privacy tab select the clear option and then click Ok.

Method 3: Check for Windows Updates

  • To check for Windows updates, open the settings application by using the keyboard shortcut of Windows + I.
  • Here in the settings application, go to the updates and security tab.
  • Here, find the updates tab, and here check for updates and install if any updates are available.

Method 4: Run the SFC Scan

  • To run the SFC scan run the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Here, in the command prompt, run the sfc/scannow and hit enter.
  • Once the scan is complete, restart the computer.

Method 5: Restart the File Explorer task:

  • To restart the explorer task, open the task manager by using the Control+ Shift Escape button on your keyboard.
  • Here, find the explorer.exe process and then end the task.
  • Now, in the task manager, open the file tab and click on the run new task, and then here, type in explorer.exe and then run it.

Hope this information provided above was helpful and informative. With these simple methods, you can fix the Windows 11 File Explorer Crashing issue with ease.

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