Windows 11 Build 22449: First Experimental Build from Microsoft

With technology becoming more prevalent, tech enthusiasts and expert are booming, they crave for new tech stuff and information about the upcoming tech stuff as they want to experience the tech before common users, well, this admiration towards, tech have shaped the release model of many tech companies. Well, what some tech companies do is, they release a beta version of the upcoming product, so tech enthusiast can use the product and experience it before common users. This system has been successful and even companies like Microsoft uses this to release their Windows OSes as preview builds and experimental builds. Well, in this article, we will explore the Windows 11 experimental build 22449, which has been released recently on the Windows Insider Platform.

So, to begin with, let’s get going with the Windows Insider program. Well, the insider Platform was developed by Microsoft in order to release the beta versions of their flagship product; the Windows OS. The platform lets users download and install the upcoming Windows OS, and in this case, it is Windows 11 which has got its preview build version up there on the insider program. With, the preview builds users have flocked in and have updated their Windows 10 machine to the latest available version. Most users who have installed the updates are enthusiasts or experts. With this, the craze for the OS has risen and Microsoft is continuously been updating the preview builds, well this article is not about the preview builds which are a stable version of the Windows 11 OS but is about the experimental build which is pretty unstable and is purely released for experts to run and test. 

Well, if you are confused between what preview build an experimental build, here is a detailed explanation of what is what. So, the experimental build is the version release of the Windows OS that is still under development, this version is very unstable and is only suitable for experts. Running the experimental build of Windows OS as the main OS is not advised. So with this said, let’s move on to learning what is preview build. Well, the preview build is a stable and more complete version of the experimental version. This version of the build is suitable for enthusiasts and people who wish to try the Windows 11 OS beforehand. Basically, the experimental build version is released first and then the preview build follows. So, with this said, you might have got a clear picture of what the experimental build version is and what the preview build version is. Now, let’s move on to learning about the newly released experimental Windows 11 build version 22449 and its features.

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What’s in the new Experimental Windows 11 Build Version 22449

Well, this experimental version has a lot under its sleeve. Let’s take a look at its features, so we can understand what’s new.

New Windows Loading Animation During Boot-up

Fancy bootups have not been the case for Windows, Microsoft likes to keep the boot up simple and just uses the Window’s version logo. In the new experimental Windows 11 build, the startup logo is flat as always but the loading animation underneath the logo has been changed to a more plain loading circle from the previously dotted loading circle. Well, this change is cool and users might actually like it. It is significantly not very much of a feature but it needs to be mentioned here. 

No Startup Sound for Scheduled Updates

Startup tunes in Windows are great, well, each Windows version has got its own tune and users get an option to turn the sound on or off depending on their preferences. Well, in the newly released experimental Windows 11 build, the startup sound has been disabled for scheduled updates. Scheduling the updates in Windows has been made easier and is being used by millions around the world, so some might wish to update their computers at midnight to let the computer update when it is not in use. So, with this feature, updates can be silent.

Ease to Access Bluetooth Settings

Accessing the Bluetooth on older versions of Windows OS is pretty a long task, users have to go to the settings to access the Bluetooth options but with the new Windows 11 experimental build, the Bluetooth settings can be accessed via the quick settings panel, which makes Bluetooth accessing easier. So, this is obviously a great feature, as all the new input and output devices have been using Bluetooth as a connectivity module leaving behind the USB connector cables.

Customize your Touch keyboard with Ease

Touch keyboards are becoming famous in the computer industry, smart devices capable of running Windows OSer are emerging to be a great alternative for conventional computers and with this, there are some cool changes like touch keyboard and foldable computers. So, to improve the OSes support on these smart devices Windows 11 has some exclusive features and one such feature is improved access and customizability to touch keyboards. Now with the new experimental Windows 11 build, customization of the touch keyboard has become easier. 

Improvements to the Notification Center

The visual aspects of the notification center have been changed. It has got an improved user interface with an acrylic background. The apps and other notifications have been differentiated with colors for ease of usage. The changes go well with the overall user interface of the OS making it look good.

Improvements To The SMB Compression:

Data transfer feature like the SMB compression has been improved, with the new build the compression process has become more flexible and does a good job with compressing the files before transferring it over the network

Windows 11’s Experimental Build 22449 has not only features but users were able to identify some bugs

 Here are some of the bugs identified in the OS:

  • Installation issue with the trusted platform module.
  • No rounded corners for the flyout menu of the system tray.
  • Taskbar and the start menu has issues.

So, this is pretty much everything you need to understand about the new experimental Windows 11 build;  the 22449. You can now, download the version from the Windows Insider program and try out the features yourself.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. Try out the new Windows 11 experimental build 22449

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