How to Run Xcode on Windows (To build iOS Apps on PC)

The demand for applications in our daily lives are on a pretty steep curve and that means that the requirement for platforms to build such application is also on the rise as well. There are a lot of platforms out there that support the same. Now when we take applications, there are majorly two types that are well known across the world, one is Android and the other one is iOS. 

Platforms that are exclusive to developing applications are pretty vague for Android software as they dominate the industry with nearly every 8 in ten people using an Android-powered smartphone. The biggest advantage with Android OS is that it is pretty flexible to almost any platform. But the same is not the case for iOS as the system needs to be pretty firm and rigid in handling such application building. There is one name that rings in every mind of an iOS application developer, Xcode. 


The advantage with XCode is that it is iOS building software that will help you in building iOS software in a windows-based operating system. It sounds like quite an irony. Well, it is. There are a lot of features that make the software a credible one and the biggest advantage would be the flexibility of the software to build an application for a completely different niche. Beyond all that, there are also some minor features that talk much more.

From where and how can I install Xcode on a Windows PC
Run Xcode on Windows

The XCode is a primary iOS application developer and it is sought after by many developers and is by far the best software if you are starting your venture into the same. Some of the features that make the developer a number one priority.

All the bells and whistles for a smooth experience

The software is equipped with all the tools that you would require from a development environment. XCode especially being an integrated development environment (IDE) for the development of a Mac Application or an iOS application.

What's the best way to develop iOS apps on Windows
Run Xcode on Windows to build iOS Apps on PC

The tools that you would require to build an efficient application are all supported by the system software. Now all you have to do is find the procedure on how you can actually run XCode on your windows-based operating system. 

Run XCode the right way

  1. The first requirement of you would be to install a virtual machine onto your system so that you can simulate an actual environment where you can run the system application. The virtual machine will act as an interface to help you in getting things done in your iOS application and mimic the performance of the system on a Mac or iOS system.
  2. Download any other suitable operating system that will support your cause. We would suggest you go with the Mac OS X Mavericks to complete the process. You can download the same from the ISO river page.
  3. Once you download the required operating system, you will have to boot the operating system on the virtual machine. This will ensure that you have an active and running virtual machine that will run the same. 
  4. Enter the name of the operating system that you would want to operate and make sure that you mention the type of bit the system will operate under. Because when you develop an iOS application, the type of configuration in which they will operate is very important. 
  5. Assign the RAM requirement as 1GB and also specify the type of HDD requirement. It is like you will be providing a virtual hard disk so that you can store the application in the same.
  6. Select the Virtual Box Disk Image such that this will allow you to run the image file. Make sure that you choose the same in the ISO image for better efficiency. 
  7. Once that is all done all you have to do is configure the actual HDD with the virtual one and ensure that you would complete the process. 
  8. Close the virtual machine and boot it again so that you are provided with a brand-new software to work with. 
  9. Go to the safari, log in with your Apple credentials and you have successfully set up the system. Once you are done with that you will have to download the XCode application from the App Store and get working on the development. 

Run XCode on windows

There are a lot of providers out there that help you with your requirements of a virtual machine, but the biggest problem that we face is most of them aren’t genuine in their purpose. So the best option would be to download a virtual box from our ISO river page and install the same and after that download the ISO image of the Mac OS X Mavericks from our page so that you will not have any problems while booting the system.

Make sure that you meet the minimum requirements of the virtual machine before you actually run it on your windows operating system.

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