How to Reset Windows XP Forgotten Password – Step by Step Guide

Windows XP is a pretty decent OS with neat features. The OS was first released in  2001 and is still in use on some computers. Microsoft the parent company had stopped providing support to the XP OS as they release newer versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 with Windows 10 being the latest one that is currently used by millions. Even though the Windows XP OS is old the features are pretty good to run a basic and old personal computer or laptop. 

Password is a great way to protect your computer. It’s a simple yet powerful protection feature that lets you lock your computer and prevent unauthorized users to access your computer. Every Windows computer has a password protection feature that needs you to enter a specific password to log in to the computer, there is also a driver encryption feature that is used to encrypt the driver and requires you to input a password to access the files on the drive. These features have been implemented by Microsoft to provide users with security features. 

5 Tips to Reset the Administrator Password in Windows XP

There are many noticeable features of the Windows PX OS and those are the ones that made people go for the OS, with the release of the XP OS many technology-based companies boomed as the OS supported various third-party application and the OS was used by many industries and companies to run their computers. With a cool user interface and highly stable functioning, the OS proves to be one of the greatest OS ever created.

Sometimes password security can cause havoc as the user would have forgotten the password and the computer wouldn’t boot up. Forgetting a password is pretty normal and is very rare as users use passwords that are most personally related like specific number series, or a name combined with a combination of numbers, but at times users can forget passwords and this might be a problem. In Windows XP OS there is a loophole in the OS which lets the user reset the password of the computer and this will be pretty useful for the users who forgot their password. Using the loophole the user can access the computer and can recreate a good password that they can remember. The loophole is a legal way and there is no need for installing any third-party application for resetting the password.

This article will elaborately discuss on how to reset the forgotten password on a Windows XP computer. It’s a pretty decent method and doesn’t involve wrong methods or third-party application installation. 

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If you have forgotten and are struggling to reset your computer, you are in the right place, here you can easily find out the simple method that will unlock your system so you can use the computer and set a new password.

Here is How You Can Reset Your Windows XP’s Password

The method is pretty straightforward and simple, you can reset the password pretty easily and need no special access or knowledge about computers.

How do I reset the Windows XP Administrator password
  • Firstly, if you have forgotten the password, find the log off button in the lock screen of the OS.
  • Here select the restart option.
  • Now, when the computer restarts, you need to constantly press the F8 key on the keyboard.
  • This will take you to the Windows Advanced Options Menu, where you will find options like safe mode, enable boot logging, reboot, debugging mode, and much more.
  • You need to choose “ Safe Mode” and hit enter.
  • Now the computer will ask you to select the OS of your choice, if you run multiple OSes choose the OS that has been locked up(Windows XP).
  • Now, choose the administrator option in the login window.
  • Your Windows XP computer will start in the safe mode, where you will not be requested to input the password and the Windows will directly boot up.
  • Not once the computer is booted u, you need to go to the control panel.
  • Open the control panel by searching for the control panel in the search bar or look for the control panel option in the start menu.
  • Once in the control panel, you need to navigate to the user accounts.
  • In the user accounts, you will find all the accounts that you have used to log in and click on the one that you intend to reset the password on.
  • Here you will find options like, change the name, change password, remove password, change the picture and change the account type. Choose the option that says “ remove the password”.
  • Now, there will be a window confirming your action of removing the password, select the same option (remove the password).
  • Now you can close all the windows that are opened and can restart the computer in normal mode. 
  • When you restart, you will not be needing to input the password and the operating systems will boot up directly.
  • Once the computer boots up you can create a new password from the control panel for the account and secure it.

The method mentioned above is pretty neat and easy to do, there is no need for panic, as the method will not cause any damage to the computer and the data stored on it. Once the reset is over the computer will function normally and you can access the features normally.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with the method to reset the XP computer’s password, you will be able to reset your password without having to go through a lot of struggle. 

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