Fixed: NVIDIA Display Driver Service Missing Issue

Graphics is one of the most important components of the computer. In recent times a computer without a GPU is practically a trash device. This situation is because computers have become the latest technologies that have become more graphic intensive and demand higher graphic processing efficiency. Every computer needs a dedicated graphic card and supporting software to make the graphics unit effective. The process like gaming, designing, video editing and bitcoin mining requires higher graphic potential which has lead to the development of powerful graphic cards. 

Nvidia is one of the top-notch graphics card developers who currently rules the graphic card industry, the firm has developed high-end graphic cards for powerful and efficient performance. Most computers on the planet are currently running an Nvidia card to power the graphic requirements of the computer. 

The Graphics card is not the only entity that makes things possible, there is another software component that acts as a bridge between the computer and the graphics card and facilitates the functioning. The software component is generally termed as the driver software or the firmware, which is installed on the computer once the graphic driver is installed. Every graphics card will have a unique firmware that is specially built to support the card and enhance the functionality of the card to provide better performance. 

 Nvidia is one of the major producers of graphics cards and drivers for computers. They develop driver software for their cards and allow the users to download the software directly from the Nvidia website. With this users can download the specific driver software and install it on their computer to run the graphic card. With such efficiency and power provided by Nvidia errors and defects are minimum, but still, users have faced issues with the graphics driver, and are currently on the lookout for solving the issue related to the missing driver service.

The driver service is a part of the firmware that integrates the graphics card to the computer and with this error, the communication channel is altered and may malfunction. This issue is not very common with users and users who have come across this issue can resolve this with simple methods. This article will deeply discuss the methods to resolve the Nvidia display driver service missing issue. With these methods, you can fix the issue with ease.

Methods to fix Nvidia Display Driver Service Missing Issue

Here are some easy methods, that you can use to fix the issue on your computer. These methods work pretty well and fix the issues with the graphics driver. Make sure you go through the methods carefully and follow them to perfectly fix the issue on your computer.

Method 1: Unhide the Nvidia Control Panel on the Desktop menu

Unhiding the Nvidia control panel might seem a bit easy, as you have got nothing much to do but just need to enable some options from the Nvidia drier software.

  • To unhide the Nvidia control panel, go to the control panel.
  • Here, change the view to large icons by clicking on the view by option and selecting large icons from the list.
  • Here, look for the Nvidia Control Panel. Click on it and open the control panel. 
  • Here, click on the desktop tab and select the option “add desktop context menu” and “show notification tray icon”.
  • This will unhide the Nvidia control panes in the desktop menu and fix the issue of the Nvidia service missing.

Method 2: Update the Nvidia Graphic Driver

Updating the graphics card driver is a pretty neat trick, which will update the files and reset the issue. 

  • To update the driver, open the device manager by searching for the device manager in the search bar. 
  • Now, in the device manager, find the graphics driver and right-click on it. Now select the “update driver” option. This will open a new window where you can select the option to update the driver (select search automatically for drivers).
  • Now, the wizard will update the driver if there is one.
  • Once the update is done, the issue will be resolved, you just restart the computer to make sure that the update worked.

Method 3: Run The Service Manually

Manually running the service might fix the issue on your computer.

  • To run the service manually, open the Windows Explorer application.
  • Here navigate to Nvidia corporations in program files.
  • Now, open the control panel client folder and run the “nvcplui” as an administrator.

Method 4: Restart the Nvidia Service

Restarting the service might be a pretty simple method.

  • To restart the Nvidia service, open the Run command by pressing the Windows key plus the R key on the keyboard.
  • Here, type in “services.msc” in the run command box and hit enter.
  • Now in the services tool, find the “Nvidia Display Container LS”.
  • Now right-click on it and select the restart option.
  • This will restart the service and fix the issue.

These were some of the working fixes for the Nvidia Display Driver Service Missing issue in the computer. This method will work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can use any of these methods to fix the issue as all of them are working methods and you don’t need to follow them all. If one method doesn’t work try the others and fix the issue effectively.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, use the mentioned methods effectively and fix the issue on your computer with ease.

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