You will be more Secure with Windows 11 than with Windows 10 – Quick Guide

Security and privacy are two major concerns of every person. That too in a tech-dominated world, keeping tabs on these two things is very important as hacking into systems and accessing digital data is much easier than accessing physical data. Well, half of the world’s population owns a computer or a smart device, where users keep lots of personal data, and protecting them from being compromised is a big concern. So, to make devices and OSes foolproof, all the tech manufacturers are making progress with providing good security and privacy features. So, here in this article we will elaborate see why Windows 11’s security and privacy features are far better than its predecessors. Let’s also explore what’s new in Windows 11’s security features.

Windows as an OS has been pretty susceptible to cyber attacks. This is because the OS runs on a kernel that is more prone to threats and attackers prefer to hack Windows computers more. This is pretty common as Windows OS is used by millions and it is an easy target for attackers. Some studies say Windows OSes have more viruses and malware than any other OSes in the industry. Well, this may be primarily because Windows runs on a hybrid kernel, which is unlike Unix or Linux is susceptible to external threats. So, with this said, you might ask, why use Windows OS instead of using Mac OS or Linux OS. Well, even though Windows is susceptible to viruses and malware, the OS is pretty good, if you choose Linux OS, you will lose lot’s of functionalities of the Windows OS and for a professional setting Linux is not well suited, and as of Mac OS, it’s pretty luxurious OS and you have to consider the affordability. 

Which is better, Windows 10 or Windows 11?

So, considering all factors, Windows OS seems to be best for professional and personal users. As a matter of fact, Windows OS is the one that is being run on many professional and personal computers compared to other computer OSes. Well, the latest Windows OS which will be released in the fall of 2021 is said to have lots of powerful features, especially the security, and the privacy component have been improved. Well, lately the internet has been filled with lots of Windows 11 content, and you can find relevant content to learn more, if you are planning to upgrade your computer to Windows 11, following up with the latest feeds would be pretty good. So, with this said, let’s discuss what’s new and improved with the security features of the OS.

There are many notable security improvements in the OS. for running the OS on a computer, it’s mandated that the system has a TPM version 2.0 chip installed. If you might be wondering what TPM is it is the short form of trusted platform module, which is basically a hardware security enforcer. Along with mandate TPM, the OS also requires a secure boot option in the motherboard. Well, we will elaborate discuss these so, you get a clear picture of what you get with Windows 11 in terms of security features.

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What Security features has Windows 11 got to Offer to You

Well, here are the security and privacy features offered by Windows 11.

TPM version 2.0

Well, the TPM is not really offered by Windows 11 but is a chip that is a must to run Windows 11 on a computer. TPM refers to a trusted platform module as a crypto chip, that prevents tampering of data hence, securing the data on the computer. TPM prevents malicious programs from accessing data and prevents data loss or tampering. The TPM chip creates keys to protect the data. Well, for Windows 11 to be operational, the computer needs to have a TPM 2.0 chip which is pretty advanced and copes up well with protecting the data from being tampered with. So, with the TPM present in the computer malicious files cannot access boot files and other hardware components. The TPM technology has been used for a while and Windows 11 now, mandates the availability of the feature to provide better security features to users. Well, if you don’t have a TPM chip on your computer, you can purchase a compatible chip for your Intel or AMD-based computer and then install it before installing Windows 11. First, you have to check whether your motherboard is compatible with a TPM chip or not before purchasing one,

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UEFI Secure Boot

Secure boot is a feature of the latest UEFI firmware. The feature protects the boot files from external attacks. The secure boot system uses digital signatures that will prevent malicious files from attacking all the important boot files.

Visualization-based Security

VBS is a relatively new security tech, that creates a virtual memory pool to protect the files. This creates an isolated environment to secure the computer.

Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity

HVCI is a part of the VBS, where it protects the isolated memory that has been created by the VBS. well, the HVCI tech in Windows 10 was relatively poor and for Windows 11 Microsoft requires hardware boosted HVCI platform that requires a powerful CPU.

Well, these are the major security feature improvements that Windows 11 brings in. these are mostly hardware-based and that is why these are pretty good. Well, these feature improvements are what make Windows 11 a better OS than its predecessors in terms of security.  

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, if you are intrigued, you can install the preview build of Windows 11 on your computer and test the OS out. 

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