Microsoft Reveals its new 3D emojis coming to Windows 11

If you are an emoji person, then this article is for you. You are about to know something cool about the upcoming Windows 11 OS. Emojis are everywhere, every chat, every Instagram story, and much more. These fun-looking graphics elements add up to the conversation and expressing feelings easily. Emojis were invented a long time ago but were implemented and used just recently. Recently all mobile phones and devices support emojis and some have come up with new and interesting emojis adding up to the emoji library. Well, here is the catch, Windows 11 is coming with a new set of 3D emojis which will give emoji lovers a chance to savor emojis on Windows OS.

Microsoft has always been innovative and had been ahead of the curve. The Windows OS has come a long way, the first version of the OS was very low at graphic capacity but with advancements and involved designers and employees Microsoft put in so much into making things better and they are continuing the efforts and are making the OSes they develop much better than the previous ones in terms of performance, stability and aesthetic. With such a passionate and team and millions of enthusiasts, Microsoft has to be cautious and give out the best. 

The first time, emojis appeared on the Windows OS was on the Windows 10 update that was released in 2018, since then Microsoft has been updating and adding some emojis to make the library vast and enjoyable. Now, with the onset of the new OS, Microsoft had planned t put in some enhanced 3D emoji features. This will surely be pretty cool and can be savored well. The usability feature is also pretty cool which lets users choose from the vast collections. 

Microsoft is about to release their new OS the Windows 11 and had already put out the developer version for use on their insider platform, which is pretty cool and beneficial for Windows enthusiasts and developers. With Windows 11 developers version available for use, developers have gone deep and have explored a lot about the features and functions of the OS. the OS is said to have a next-gen user interface with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. There are also other improvements like security upgrades and minor functional improvements. You can test the OS right now by downloading the developer version from the insider program, but this version will not be as stable and complete as the one that will be officially released, so, if you chose to use the official version just wait a bit longer and explore the OS by reading through blogs and test videos before plunging into the OS once it is official. 

You might think what is new with the emojis in Windows 11 as there is already emojis built into the Windows 10 OS, well, in Windows 11 emoji are being upgraded and the Microsoft software like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and other applications get 3D emojis in addition to he 1800 emojis in the Microsoft Office 365. These emojis are easy to use and can be included anywhere in the applications. 

The upcoming Microsoft Office not only gets new 3D emojis to add up to the features but also gets improved and newly designed interactive illustrations and backgrounds, which will for sure enhance the documentation and output of the applications. Microsoft soon plans to release the latest version of Microsoft Office which will be supported on Windows 11 and Windows 10 as some Windows 10 users might not have the hardware features to upgrade to Windows 11. So people with Windows 10 will not miss out on much of the features of Microsoft office 365 which is bout to release. 

So, as said, there are about 1800 + emojis that can be used in situations suitable. This can help users with communicating effectively and give an emotional angle to the message. They can be used in place of emotions and can replace certain sentences. With thousands of options available, users can find the best one and use it.

Well, there is also an emoji keyboard put into Windows 11 for users who prefer a screen keyboard. The operating system is said to work well with foldable and touch screen computers so having an onscreen keyboard can be pretty advantageous. In previous Windows versions, the keyboard had an emoji feature but in Windows 11 the usability has been improved and enhanced. 

To make things a bit interesting, here is how you can access the emoji keyboard on Windows 11. This is similar to that of Windows 10 but with added emojis. To summon the emoji keyboard, you have to press the Windows key plus the full stop/ period key. Once you have summoned the keyboard, you can add any emoji to your chat or other text platforms. This is not what most of us are accustomed to on our smartphones but this is how we can use emojis on Windows 11 OS. if the computer that runs Windows 11 supports a touch screen or is a foldable device, the emojis will work better and can be accessed easily.

These are the information and insights, that are available for disclosure right now, we can learn more about emojis in Windows 11 when they come out that is during the summer. You can download and use Windows 11 from the insider program or wait for the official version to release to reap the full benefit. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, have a little patience, and have fun with emojis once they are released.

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