Intel provides Windows 11 users with Bluetooth and WiFi Drivers

With Windows 11 set to release, most tech companies like Intel are getting ready to put forth good hardware that supports the Windows 11 OS. This shift is normal with the release of all OSes but this time, it’s pretty different. This time, Microsoft has gone many steps further and has made many changes to the OS that requires extensive hardware specifications and the hardware manufacturers are pushing harder to make their products Windows 11 ready. Well, these improvements are pretty great for the tech industry as the tech trends are getting updated but for some consumers, this may seem to be bad news as the cost of the products will hike and make things difficult for them. So what’s new Intel is bringing into the ecosystem? This article will elaborate on Intel’s new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers that are being exclusively released for Windows 11.

For the past few days, Windows 11 is the talk of the hour. This sudden importance for Windows 11 is because nobody expected it. When Microsoft released Windows 10, they confirmed that Windows 10 would be their final major Windows version and they will provide critical and bug fix updates to improve the OS over time. So, when Microsoft officially announced the OS, it got lots of attention. With the release of Windows 11’s developers build on Insider platform users flooded in to download and install it to test run the OS. after running the Windows 11 developers version, lots of aspects have been found out. The OS seems to have very mich different user interface, the user interface resembles the UI of Mac more than Windows 10. The OS is said to have improved features and functionalities, needing improved minimum hardware requirements. One of the major aspects that require upgraded hardware is the security and privacy feature, which has been developed to run on high-end security hardware like TPM (trusted platform module) version 2.0. Well with Windows 11 requiring TPM 2.0, motherboard manufacturers have been upgrading their motherboards to support Windows 11. 

This step-up in hardware requirements made all hardware manufacturers make Windows 11 compatible hardware and drivers, and Intel is one such manufacturer who will be releasing Windows 11 compatible Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers. Intel, being one of the biggest and major hardware providers, their step-up with hardware is necessary. Intel has provided Windows 11 compatible graphics drivers to hold a good stand in the market against their rival Nvidia. With new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers, the efficiency of the devices will improve and make Intel preferable to users.

These Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers updates are necessary as these devices are predominantly used by every user. And with Bluetooth peripherals becoming popular, improving the drivers will be of great use. Wireless technologies are being endorsed and promoted as they are much better than the wired technologies. So, to provide better wireless support hardware manufacturers should provide new and upgraded hardware features.

So to make things a bit clear, we will discuss the drivers released by Intel to support Windows 11 efficiently. 

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Improvements done with Upgrading Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Drivers by Intel

The drivers are updated to overcome some of the issues of the previous drivers. This driver firmware is exclusively for Windows 11 so, let’s hope to get great utility.

  • An audio error caused when using Microsoft Teams has been rectified to make audio clear during meetings.
  • An issue with the non-responsive mouse has been fixed to support better mouse accessibility on Windows 11.
  • The new Wi-Fi drivers have been fixed to support LG monitors that were previously facing connectivity issues with Miracast.
  • Many bugs are fixed to make wireless connectivity effective and uninterrupted. 

Driver Updates

Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 22.70.0 and Wireless Bluetooth 22.70.2 are the versions of the driver that have been released by Intel. These drivers carry the above-mentioned features and will be supported on Windows 11 as the beta versions of Windows 11 have been tested and got some good results. 

Here is the list of Wi-Fi drivers that are getting the update, check whether your drivers are getting them for downloading the updates.

  • for AX210/AX201/AX200/9560/9260/9462/9461.
  • for 7265(Rev. D)/3165/3168.
  • for 8265/8260.

And here is the list of Bluetooth drivers getting updates:

  • Driver version – AX210, AX201, AX200, 9560, 9462, 9461.
  • Driver version – 3168, 3165, 7265, 17265.
  • Driver version – 9260, 8260, 18260, 8265, 18265.

So that we have put up some of the must-know information here, we can go ahead with learning to download the updates, you can download the updates for your Wi-Fi drivers and Bluetooth drivers once you confirm that your version of the drivers is getting updates. 

  • To update The Drivers, download and install the Intel Driver and Support Assistant Tool.
  • Once installing it run the tool, here check for updates, and then install the updates.

Using the Intel Driver and Support Assistant Tool is pretty easy, so download the tool and get going with updating the drivers.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, you can get all new features and improved utilities by downloading and installing the wireless connectivity driver updates on your computer. 

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