Fixed: Evernote App Not Opening or Not Working In Windows 10

Crashes and application not opening are common errors with many applications. There are many reasons for the cause of application failure. You can fix these issues with simple doable changes to the OS and the applications that will both boost the performance and reduce the crashing of the application. 

Windows OS is very versatile and one of the most used OS to run computers and laptops. The OS provides many upgraded features and a good platform for third-party applications to function on. The OS is not foolproof and is being upgraded to enhance the efficiency of the OS. The Windows 10 OS is the latest version of the Windows OS and is being used on almost all modern computers. The OS is built to provide the users with ease and comfort of using the computer. The OS is capable of running most of the modern applications and software without hassle. There might be some instances where the applications or the software crashes and causes an interruption in work. The Windows OS has many troubleshooting options that can be used to fix the issues. 

Evernote on Windows 10 won't start - Evernote for Windows

Evernote is one of the best notes making application used by millions to make easy notes on digital devices like computers, laptops and mobile phones. The application is well built and supported by the Evernote team. The application receives regular updates and bug fixes to make the user experience even better. You can make notes of anything almost instantly and can view them later. The software also offers you many features that can be made use of while taking notes. Evernote is supported on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android and this feature makes integration and sharing of the notes easier. It’s a web-based application that utilizes a server to provide the users with the features. Most activities that the user performs using the application will get logged on to the personalized Evernote server. 

Features of Evernote

  • Easy notes.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • Cloud integration.
  • 4 major OS compatibility. 
  • Easy workflow.
  • Plan well with the  Evernote.
  • Scan documents and save them easily.
  • Account switching.
  • PDF features.
  • Support for large document files up to 200 MB.

Every software and application will have some errors and glitches that might sometimes be annoying and can cause the application to stop functioning properly. There are fixed available for the errors and the fixes can be used to make the application function better. Evernote is no exception. It is a cool note-making software with many features but still, it can be problematic at times. The software can crash and hang in the middle of a process and can even not open at times when tried to open the application. 

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Here in this article, you will know all the methods to troubleshoot the Evernote app not opening issue and will be able to open the application without going through much trouble. You are not the only one who is facing this issue, there are thousands of Evernote users who are looking for the fi and the Evernote team is working on the issue. For now, you can use some easy to follow methods to rectify the errors and run the application successfully to work efficiently on the application.

How to fix Evernote App Not Opening or Not Working In Windows 10

Here is how you can fix the Evernote App Not Opening On a Windows 10 Computer

This error can be a common error and learning to rectify the error can be pretty useful. People who use the Evernote application every day need to know all the methods to rectify the error when it struck you.

You will find three easy to follow methods, using which you can troubleshoot the application and make it open on your Windows 10 computer.

Method 1

  • The app not opening error might occur as you might have not upgraded the application to the latest version and updating the application can help you with rectifying the Evernote app not working.
  • Once you have updated the application restart the computer to make sure that the update process has been done right and the app can be used. If the application functions normally, you are good to go and can use the features of the Evernote application and work efficiently.

Method 2

  • Use the task manager to end the Evernote task and try restarting the application. This might help if the application has been struck and is not responding.
  • Try restarting your computer to rectify any possible errors.

Method 3

  • The final method is to uninstall the application and reinstalling the Evernote application. If the application becomes faulty this method will help and you will be able to use the Evernote application efficiently once the reinstallation is complete.
  • If nothing works, you might need to contact the Evernote support team for the fix. 

These methods mentioned above are very simple to follow, you can make use of the methods to effectively rectify the Evernote app not opening on Windows 10 OS. If you still face issues, you can contact the Evernote support team and know what the problem might be and they would help you with the solution.

Hope the information provided above was useful and informative. You can make the Evernote application function normally by following the methods mentioned above. If you are facing the issue, put up your doubts on the Evernote community and get the perfect answer from the experts or fellow Evernote users. Those methods might be accurate and can solve the problem much quicker.

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