Enable Text Prediction for a Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10

The world today is becoming more accustomed to automation and people are starting to use technological inventions to work efficiently. Automation has led to the loss of millions of jobs around the world and it’s expected to increase over time, but everyone likes to automate things and avoid human contact by utilizing the technology at hand to achieve success. There are several powerful automation tools that are available for people who have the technology.  Now, computer devices and smart devices are much efficient at automating things, and this aids and benefits the users in many ways. People have become dependant on these technologies as they are reliable and trustable to some extent. There is still scope for automation as the artificial intelligence industry is booming and that will drastically impact automation in various different aspects.

How to Enable Text Prediction for a Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10

Windows 10 Os is one of the best OS available in the market right now. The OS packed numerous features and functions that aid the users with most of the day-to-day digital activities. With the versatility of the OS, users can perform several functions without much pf  a trouble. There are several automation functions available in the OS tht the users can enable or disable depending on the requirements and function efficiently. You can customize the features and functions of the OS as you prefer and can work efficiently as the OS provides you with several customization features that are efficient enough to assist you with several of your activities. With such versatile OS you can make use of the functions and features daily and function efficiently everyday.

One such automation feature that is pretty beneficial for both professiona and home user is the automatic text prediction feature in the OS. this feature is turned 0ff when the OS is first installed but the user can manually switch-on the option from the settings of the OS. when the feature is turened on it predicts the next word that the user is about to inout in the computer. The feature is pretty much accurat as the A.I engine used is not very advanced and may sometimes be not of much use to the user as the feature wil not suggest the apt word. But still enabling this feature in the OS will be very beneficial as it assists the users with pretty basic typing stuff and can come in handy at times. The A.I built for this purpose have been developed to make suggestions based on the words used by the user and analyse the apt word that should follow. With such a versatile feature learners can easily learn to type in difficult contents in no time and expert users can get word suggestions that migh be of some help.

Here in this article you will learn to enable this feature of text prediction using the settings application of the Windows 10 OS. its is pretty easy to enable the option and the feature will function on almost all the text-based application on the computer. 

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How to enable Text prediction for Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10

Follow these below mentioned steps to enable the Text prediction for Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10. As mentioned above it is a very easy process and beginners can easily follow through the guide and enable the Text Prediction feature on WIndows 10 OS.

How to Enable Text Prediction in Windows 10
Enable Text Prediction in Windows 10
  • First, open the settings application by searching for settings in the search bar in the taskbar or look for the settings option from the list of the Start menu.
  • Once opened the settings, navigate to the devices option.
  • Here look out for the option that says “typing” and clicks on it to open up the typing settings on the right windows pane. 
  • Here, on the right windows pane, scroll down through the different typing related options and look for “hardware keyboard”.
  • Under the hardware keyboard option, you will find an option “show text suggestions as I type, toggle on the switch next to this option to enable the auto text prediction on Windows 10 OS.
  • Once you are done with the process, make sure to check the feature using Microsoft office Word, b opening a word document and type in something to let the auto predictor work on some words and provide you with the suggestions.
  • Once you see the text prediction feature functions on your computer you can start using it with any text-based software on windows 10 OS.
  • Very, easy to do process right, follow the guide exactly to enable the text prediction feature on your Windows 10 computer.
Turn On or Off Text Suggestions for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10

Beginners, who intend to learn typing on Windows 10 OS can use this feature to improve the ocabulare and sentence formation. This feature can be a great bonus for people who struggle with words aand often need assistance from some external source for writing contents and stuff. Anyone who want to use the feature can go ahead and use the feature without any worry.

Hope the information provided was valuable and informative. You can enable the text prediction feature easily with the prescribed method and also disable the option from the settings by switching off the switch near the “show text suggestion as I type” and write on your own.

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