Download and Install Teredo Tunneling Adapter on Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Network configuration in a computer is pretty important for working efficiently with the internet. All OSes are built-with networking tools and functions to support good networking. And with modern computers network is an inevitable component as the internet has become a base for everything from work to entertainment and much more. Well, the OS, on the whole, will have several networking tools that will be employed appropriately but there are some components whose function in networking is much needed than other features.

How to Download and Install Teredo Tunneling Adapter on Windows 10

So, one such very important software tool is the internet protocol in the computer. Here in this article, we will introduce you to upgrade IPv4 to IPv6 using Microsoft’s Teredo Tunneling adapter. Hop on and learn what the Teredo Tunneling is and everything else about the upgrade.

Well, to begin with, the Internet Protocol is a very crucial aspect of networking in a computer. It is a numbering system used to provide unique number codes for all devices capable of communicating through the web. The IPv4 is was first implemented in 1981 and uses a 32-bit format, so its use is limited in this modern era of networking. And also the IPv4 is running out of numbers as there are millions of devices and the technology is relatively old to handle the load. Well, to replace IPv4 IPv6 has been developed and many are migrating to an IPv6 version for better networking. The IPv6 brings in some cool improvements and benefits and here are the improvements:

  • Automatic Configuration.
  • Better multicast routing.
  • No Networking Address Translation.
  • Efficient Routing.
  • Highly flexible extensions.
  • No DHCP.
  • Built-in Authentication support.
  • Flow Labeling.
  • A Simpler Header Format.
  • 128 Bit format is used.
  • Highly secure.

So, these are some improvements brought in by IPv6 and the tech is the future of networking unless and until something other replaces this.

So, Windows computers are very popular and used by millions for professional and personal uses. The OS is one of the easily available and well developed OS that is reliable. Microsoft has recently released Windows 11 and the company is on the spree of developing new technologies for the future. Well, with the development of IPv6 Microsoft has developed an adapter that will provide IPv6 support even when the computer has IPv4 technology. This transition is a must because as previously mentioned, the IPv4’s addressing key has all been almost used and shifting to a new addressing system is the only option and the IPv6 is the new system. So, when the switch happens, IPv4 adapters will be rendered incapable of accessing the IPv6 addresses so, an adapter needs to be employed, which is able to access both the IPv4 and IPv6. This is what exactly the Teredo Tunneling adapter does and installing it on your PC will give you access to IPv6 devices and websites which is normally not possible by using an IPv4 technology.

With this said, you might have understood, why installing the Teredo Tunneling Adapter is necessary. Well, now, that you have got an idea of how important the adapter is, let’s dive into learning how to download and install it on Windows 10 computer.

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Downloading Teredo Tunneling Adapter on Windows 10

Firstly, the Teredo Tunneling Adapter will be installed on your computer by chance and if that is the case, you don’t have to download and install it, but if you don’t find the teredo Tunneling Adapter Installed, you can do it. So to check whether the adapter is installed:

  • Open the device manager by searching for it in the search bar or by using the Run command(press Windows key and the R key to open the run command).
  • Here in the device manager, go to the network adapter option and expand it. If you find the teredo adapter, it’s fine, if not, you can download and install the adapter with ease.
  • Now, if the adapter is not available, click on the action button, select the Add legacy hardware option from the dropdown menu.
  •  Now, the add hardware wizard will open.
  • Here, click on next, the wizard will show some message, just ignore it and click on next.
  • Now, make sure that the search for and install the hardware automatically option is selected.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Now, on the next page, you will see if you know the specific hardware model you want to install, click Next to select the hardware from the list.
  • Now, the hardware list will appear.
  • From here, select network adapters and then click next.
  • Here, select the manufacturer’s name(Microsoft).
  • Now, select the Teredo Tunneling Adapter option and click on next.
  • So, finally, click on finish to complete the process. Well, the Teredo Tunneling Adapter would have been installed on your computer and you can now, access IPv6 keys with ease.

Well, the process is quite simple, but there might be issues if you wrongfully installed hardware, so follow the steps precisely and install only the Teredo Tunneling Adapter on your Windows 10 computer.

Hope the information provided was helpful and informative, with the Teredo Tunneling Adapter, you can easily access IPv6 networks. Well, IPv6 is not so popular, so it is not mandatory that everyone has to install the Teredo Tunneling Adapter. So, first, learn whether you need the adapter and then install it only if you need it.

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