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Microsoft has always been a tycoon when it comes to launching different software and updates for the users. Since the launch of this company, Microsoft has always been consistent in delivering and fulfilling customer needs. Today, we will suggest some amazing software editions and you will be surprised by the same. We have Windows 10 software to recommend as this software is hitting continuous positive feedbacks by the users. To learn the process of Window 10 Home Edition, visit our page for detailed information.

Today, we will be discussing Windows 10 and the amazing features that can make you try and never get enough of it.


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Overview of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version Microsoft launched in 2015. Initially, the version comes up with many problems such as the unsuccessful installation of applications, shutting down the operating system, and so. But as time passed by, Microsoft made some advanced improvements and developments in the version.

How to download FixWin 10 For Windows 10 free
FixWin 10 For Windows 10

Today, Windows 10 is considered as the most comfortable and advanced operating system with several features introduced such as Windows Assistant, effective start menu, newly designed web browser, and more. This operating system is best for making presentations as it has smooth functioning over the workflow. Windows 10 is designed attractively with well-organized configurations. 

If you compare previous versions of Microsoft, Windows 10 stands unique from all of them. There are several changes and improvements made to deliver the users a friendly experience along with fast functioning on advanced features.

Remarkable Features of Windows 10

As we have learned the overview of Windows 10, now it’s time to get into the detailing of the major features and updates of the version: 

Advanced Start Menu

As Microsoft has always been a colorful player in creating innovative things, Windows 10 has introduced the most effective Start Menu for the users. The Start Menu is completely different from the previous version, as this menu has the tiles which are well-organized and designed so that the users can pick up the applications they want in no time. Moreover, there is also an option of “most visited applications”, so on the left panel of the start menu, the user can easily find the applications they often work on. Also, these start menu tiles are so flexible that the user can easily customize the size, reorganize or change color.  

Cortana, a Windows Assistant

Microsoft has introduced a Windows Assistant, Cortana for the users to interact and get the work from the voice. This is one of the new features Microsoft has ever introduced. Cortana is a voice-controlled feature to the desktop which interacts with you to follow your every order in terms of opening applications or searching for meaning or any major information which is available on the internet. It can be said that Cortana is a friend for the Windows users who listen to your order with simply one click. The user can get the Cortana icon exactly close to the start menu. 

FixWin 10 for Windows 10

FixWin 10 for Windows 10 is considerably the recently launched version. The user can easily get this version on the internet for free. This software is majorly designed to repair Windows 10 problems and to protect the Windows 10 from any viruses. 

Where can you download FixWin 10 For Windows 10 for free
Download FixWin 10 For Windows 10 free

Win10 offers six categories to fix Win10 for Windows 10. Following are the categories:

Internet and Connectivity

At the time of upgrading Windows, Internet connectivity issues occurred and that is why this category is there to fix Internet connectivity problems in Windows 10. This Internet connectivity needs to be repaired to operate Windows 10 with zero disturbance. 

Multi Win 10 Fixes

This Multi Win10 has several issues including reset setting app, no Wifi connectivity, Windows 10 download update, Windows 10 registry repair, and Windows 10 start menu 

System tool fix

This category completely revolves over the system tool fix. Windows 10 might come up with the problem of not working on default tools and that is why new advanced system information is there to fix and also displays information such as maximum display resolution, number of threads in processor, number of logical processors, and maximum refresh rate. 

We hope that you are satisfied with the information we have delivered to you. It is really important to realize that you are aware of Win10 for Windows 10 and further download and install the update according to your comfort. Learn how to download FixWin10 for Windows 10 on your operating system. If you have any queries regarding solving the errors of the FixWin10 for Windows 10 you can drop down your concern in the comment section and we will get back with the solution in minimum time.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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