Disable the Windows Key in Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Windows key, also known as the Windows logo key. It is a very useful application. Even many users use this keyboard, but some of the users want to disable this keyboard. Impairing the Windows Key is a very simple process. This article shows some steps to impair the Windows key on the users’ keyboard. Learn more about WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage on Windows 10, drop down to ISO River page for the detailed insights.

The user may modify their registry

Important system settings are held by the user’s registry; users can impair it by changing many characters. Always users may keep in mind that their registry has sensitive information. If, user can edit it, use additional attention. By modifying the user’s registry, disable the Windows key. 

  • Users must click on the Windows key +R to enter Regedit. Then, press the OK button.
  • When the user makes any kind of changes to their registry, the user must have a clear idea about creating the backup. If a user wishes to do then press File > Export. Users must select ALL as an export range. Then they select a safe location for entering the file name and save the file.
  • In the left panel, ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDYDTEMCurrentControlSetControlkeyboard Layout is negotiated. Users may right-click on the space and select New > Binary Value from the menu. The name of the new value, the user must enter the Scancode Map.
  • User must double click on Scan code Map value and enter 00000000000000000300000000005BE000005CE000000000 in the data field. Users have to type manually if they can not paste the value. Users may double click on the correct value.
  • Then, the user may close the registry editor and reboot their computer.
  • After rebooting, Windows Key is completely disabled.

AutoHotKey must be used 

If the user is trying to disable the Windows Key, then they must know the use of AutoHotKey. This is a free source of an automation scripting language. The app permits the user to assign certain commands to their keys, but also help the user to disable the keys. The user wants to create a script that may block the Windows key and that script to AutoHotKey. 

How to Enable or Disable Windows Key in Windows 10
Disable Windows Key in Windows 10

The user may choose that icon in their taskbar and select edit this script at the bottom: ≈Lwin Up: return and ≈RWin Up: return. The user may save their script and right-clicked AutoHotKey and select to reload this script from the menu. After performing that, both the Windows key will be disabled.

Sharp Keys must be used

It is an open and portable type tool that allows the user to remap their key. For doing this step are the following:

  • SharpKeys must be downloaded by the user and started.
  • Press on the Add button.
  • Users will see two columns and press on Type Key in the left pane and they click the Windows Key.
  • Users may press the OK to choose the pressed key.
  • Turn-Key Off in the right pane must be chosen and click OK to save changes.
  • Users may select the Write to Registry option.

Through this process, Windows Key should impair completely. If enabled again then: 

  • SharpKeys must be started.
  • From the menu user may choose the desired key and press delete.
  • After that, the user may press the Write to Registry option.
  • Log off the user’s computer to apply changes.

Users may switch to the gaming mode on their keyboard

The user must press a certain keyboard shortcut to activate the game mode. Before choosing this option users must check that their PC supports or not.

  • Disable Windows key must be disabled for games: The user runs it simply, and automatically it blocks the Windows Key when the full-screen game mode is on. This does not support any arrangement.
  • Using the user keyboard software must disable the Windows key: This is a dedicated type of gaming software which users can use to arrange different settings i.e. macros and lighting.
  • Winkle must be used: When this app will start the application will block by Windows Key with other Windows Key shortcuts. This app will allow the user to switch it on or off, for that user can easily impair it when the game is played.
  • Disable window key app must be used: When a third party application will locate which will be located in user systray so they will not know the running process. Little bit configuration occurred so the user may start it normally.

The user may use the WKey Disabler 

It has no advanced feature, just when the user starts application their Windows Key, all shortcuts will be impaired automatically. To disable the app is the only way to enable Windows Key.

How to disable the Windows Key in Windows 10
  • The Registry Editor must be opened.
  • Go to the left panel and press click on right panel space and select New> DWORD (32- bit value). Enter NoWinkeys and set value data to 1 press ok and restart PC.

Group policy editor must be used  

  • Press Windows key +R and enter gpedit.msc
  • Double click on Turn Off Windows Key Hotkeys option.
  • The enabled option must be selected and press OK.

The usefulness of Windows Key is known by all advanced Windows users. Apart from its usefulness Windows key sometimes causes problems when the user is in gaming sessions. In the unconscious mind when the user pressed Windows Key and opened the start menu during an intense gaming session. Suddenly opening the Windows key user will lose focus on their game which is a big problem for the user. For that purpose, only many of the window’s key users may disable their Windows key during the gaming sessions.

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