Configure a Program to Run with Administrator Privileges on Windows 10

Modern-day programs and software are much more powerful and efficient than the programs back in those days. Most of the programs now, require powerful system features to function and work efficiently. The programs ask for permissions and options to let the costumes access the features with efficiency. 

The Windows OS is very versatile and has the capability to run many functions on the computer and can run many programs and software by providing the program the necessary permission to access the OS features. Several OS features are required by various software/ programs to function and aid in the functioning of the users. High-spec software/programs require more feature permissions and utilize a wide range of system features to function efficiently and provide the users with the necessary tools and options. With such liberty in features, the Windows OS is one of the best in the class OS on the planet right now and is being used by millions of users all around the world.

How To Run Programs As Administrator In Windows 10
Run Programs As Administrator In Windows 10

With the versatility of the software/ programs, they get to utilize the features of the OS to function properly and effectively. Most software requires some special permissions and privileges to function and when the privileges are denied they will either not function or will exclude many options from being used by the user. So, it is prescribed to provide the programs/ software with the necessary permissions and privileges.

Here in this article, you will get to know how to configure the program to run with Administrator privileges on Windows 10 OS. With the configuration done, the software will function with good efficiency and provide you with the best performance.

Some f you might be wondering as to what is the Administrator privileges and why some programs require these privileges to function on your computer? Well to answer this, Administrator privileges are something like the permission to the program to make changes to the system and the operating system. Some programs require administrator privileges as their function involves the changing of the operating system settings and system settings. For such types of programs, administrator privileges are mandatory and will ask you to provide permission to gain access to the system functions and features. You would have noticed at times that there will be a pop-up and a sound when you try to open an application on Windows and you are to press yes on the pop-up window to open the applications. The pop-up will appear with permission for administrator privileges and once you grant the privileges the program will run on your computer and function properly.

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How to Configure a Program to Run with Administrator Privileges on Windows 10

To Configure a Program to Run with Administrator Privileges on Windows 10 follow the below-mentioned steps. The process is simple and straightforward and you need no system expertise to perform this task. There are two methods that you can use to make a program run with administrator privileges. You will find all of the methods here in this article and can make use of the one that suits you better.

Method 1

  • Search for a program on the search menu and right-click on the app icon and choose the open file location option from the list. 
  • Once you are in the file location. Right-click on the shortcut or the exe file of the software and open the properties. Here under the shortcut tab, you will find an option that will say “Run as Administrator”. 
  • Check mark the box to always open the software with the administrator privileges.
How to run apps as administrator on Windows 10

Method 2

  • There is an easy option to run a particular program with administrator privileges is by going to the start menu and looking for the program you need to open. 
  • Now, you need to press Ctrl + Shift keyboard keys and click on the program to run the program with administrator privileges.

Both the methods mentioned above are perfectly working and can be used by any computer user irrespective of the expertise of the user. When you provide software with e administrator privileges you are practically allowing the software to make changes to the computer and the OS. you need to be caroeful while providing the privilege as some fraudulent software may misuse the privilege and cause problems to the computer. Once you are done with providing the administrator privileges you can access all the features of the software and perform better at the task involving the software.

Hope the information provided above was informational and the guide provided above was helpful. You don’t need to provide the administrator privileges to all the applications and the applications that need the permission will automatically display a pop-up on the screen asking you to provide the software with the administrator privileges.

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