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The soul of a song in always inside the clarity of the sound it makes to the ears and if that’s not done right the whole essence of the song fades away. Now there are a lot of audio improving headphones in the market, that will enhance the audio and get the best out of each song, all is fine with that but the investment you will have to make to get your hands on such headphones will be huge.

That is why Boom 3D is here with a solution. The Boom3D application will enable the audio that you are about to hear to a fine-tune and enhance its output. Now the output of the enhancement can be felt with basic audio headphones and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to listen to the best of the song.


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Boom 3D is a desktop-based application that will enhance the audio output of the songs that you play using YouTube, Hulu, iTunes and any other application that deals with audio. Boom 3D will enhance the output and get the best out of each aspect of the song with a basic headphone. There are also various other practical sound aids that will make you immerse in clear and enlightening Audio experience.

How to download Boom 3D Sound on Any Windows 10
Boom 3D Desktop Download Free

The application was exclusively created for Mac systems and later on the version for windows also rolled out. Boom 3D eliminates the need for surround boosters or costly headphones making it a good deal for the users who want to make the best out of their audio systems. some of the features that would make the best out of your audio system are.

1. 3D surround

The 3D surround feature will enable the audio system to provide an immersive audio experience such that the sound quality will sound legit around the user. The 3D surround feature will help the user to get a more detailed view of the sound output and make the user seem as if he is in the visual world along with the speakers. There are a lot of other aspects to 3D surround that will make your audio experience much more immersive.

2. Equalizers pre-sets

The equalizer pre-sets will give you a wide range of nearly 31 bands to work on to fine-tune the audio output. The feature will enable the user to give a wide range of genres he can work on custom-tailored to his needs. The equalizer also will help you in accessing the sound much finer tuned to make sure that the output from the audio output is good enough. The equalizer software that is present in Boom 3D s much more sophisticated than it can change according to the genre in which the user can listen to music according to his preference.

3. Boom Volume booster

The boom volume booster is one such feature in the Boom 3D that will enhance the boom effects that will give you a different experience with the song that you play with the application. The base sound is boosted so as to give you a premium edge over the quality of the sound that you hear through the application.

Where can you Download Boom 3D Desktop full version for free
Download Boom 3D Desktop full version

The volume booster will also give you a cutting edge over the amount of sound boost that is delivered from the audio system of the device where you have installed the device. There is also a lot of improvements in terms of immersive experience in the volume booster section to make sure that the best is heard through the output of your audio systems. 

4. State of the art audio player

The audio player from Boom 3D is the best in class in terms of user interface and also the output of the audio system of the device that you have installed the application in. There are a lot of other features that will make you forget the conventional music player. The music player will also allow you to create playlists according to your interests and have a good time listening to your music. All these can be done with every possible boom effect indulged into the songs that you listen to. 

5. Huge collection of radio stations:

There is also a huge collection of nearly 20,000+ radio stations that you can select from and tune into your evenings and be blissful. Now the number of radio stations might differ from country to country but mostly it is the same all throughout. 

The application really makes a difference when it comes to listening to sounds when you play music and play games or watch movies. The Boom 3D almost kicks in instantaneously with no effort to get the most out of your system.

System requirements

  • Compatible with almost all Mac computers as well as windows.
  • The operating system must be above the OS X series for Mac and Windows 7 and above for windows.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 8GB RAM.
  • 40 GB memory on the Hard Disk Drive.

Download Boom 3D Desktop full version for free

The disadvantage with the Boom 3D is that it is a paid application. Now with ISO, you can get the installation files downloaded onto your system and get the best audio experience you can ever lay your ears on by just clicking the link below and install the application onto your Mac or your PC’s.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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  1. I downloaded this app. Installed on my computer. But then it’s a trial version and not the full version.

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