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Today, there are a number of software and applications driving the advanced with innovative features and functionalities. The users are completely dependent on the digitization in terms of creating documents in format. With the growing technology in digitization, it has become very easy for the users to operate their work in a minimum amount of time. 

Autodesk is considered as a giant player in developing innovative software. To date Autodesk has launched a number of software including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, AutoCAD LT, 3DX Max, more. For any creative work, professionals refer to AutoCad as it introduces countless features and offers a smooth workflow. You might have heard about AutoCad, but a few are aware of its functionalities and core features. Let’s loop into the core of AutoCAD and find some amazing information about the same.

Overview of AutoCAD 2018

AutoCAD completes Automated Computer-Aided Design. AutoCAD is specifically used for drafting and designing. Moreover, it enables users to conceptualize ideas, drawings, and product designs to a specific level to perform rapid design calculations and simulations, accuracy in the field of mechanics.

Where can you download AutoCAD 2018 for Windows  for free
Download AutoCAD 2018 for Windows

AutoCAD is a vast concept as it has various tools including AutoCAD escaped, AutoCAD Civil, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Mech. and more. This software has a simple user interface so that the user can get handy and familiar with it in no time. If you want to learn AutoCAD with the student version then you can even learn from the videos, tutorials, and books and get the concepts clear to create a design as a practice. As this is a paid software, the cost of monthly subscription of AutoCAD is $200 and the annual subscription is $1,610. AutoCAD offers specialized tools and apps in the subscription along with 2D, 3D CAD functions. 

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Features of AutoCAD 2018 Full Version

As already mentioned, AutoCAD holds a number of features right from designing till drafting. Though AutoCAD is a heavy software because of the feature and attractive user interface, it is smooth in functioning and can never disappoint users with the sudden shutdown or hangs. 

Let’s discuss some effective features of AutoCAD 2018 Full version for Windows. 

Layer Dialog

This AutoCAD-based feature, Layer dialog operates as to create and edit layer properties faster and without following any errors. In the feature, the user can immediately make changes in the drawing. Moreover, this feature lets the user resize the contents of the column or title it. Also, individual columns can be easily fixed in place so that it helps the rest of the column to scroll with no efforts. Moreover, it also allows you to add bullet lists and search along with replacing text. This feature is redesigned with the content editing panel that makes the process easier to understand and operate.  


AutoCAD 2018 for Windows allows users to create forms. Though this is another process involved in creating an original file laying form field on the top of the PDF. AutoCAD offers the feature which is a new standalone tool that allows the user to create both PDF and web forms. It also allows users to collect the data. Moreover, FormsCentral includes a full-fledged library of pre-built forms. 

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Download AutoCAD 2018 for Windows Full Version

Easy Signature 

We often seek for the digital signature. Every time we have to get the signature done on the piece of paper and click a photo, edit it, and make a clear view of the signature. But AutoCAD offers an easy signature creating feature as the user only needs to type name and draw the signature. The user can use digital signatures in AutoCAD to sign the drawings. This cool feature is useful for almost all users for professional use. 

System Requirements of AutoCAD Full Version for Windows 

  • To run AutoCAD, the user must have Windows Servers 2012 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 8, 8.1 32-bit or 64-bit, or Windows 7.
  • AutoCAD demands a fast processor of a minimum 1.5 GHz.
  • For smooth functioning of AutoCAD in Windows, the user must have 1GB of RAM 
  • Hard disk space required by AutoCAD is a minimum of 4.5GB. 

We hope that you are satisfied with the information we have delivered to you. It is really important to realize that you should be aware of AutoCAD 2018 for Windows and Learn the procedure of AutoCAD 2018 for Windows on your operating system. If you have any queries regarding downloading AutoCAD 2018 for Windows you can drop down your concern in the comment section and we will get back with the solution in minimum time.

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