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Luminar is a photo editing software that users can employ to make their photos look the best they possibly can. Luminar can be used on its own or with Adobe and Apple products. There are many interesting filters available that can be used to edit photos. Layers and masks are also used along with the filters to make the photos look as amazing as possible. Luminar can be used with raw files directly. 

There are many wonderful improvements in this version of Luminar which include performance improvements and other additions as well. There is a large assortment of tools that the user will have at their disposal to edit their photos. They will be able to produce photos of high quality using these tools.

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Features of Luminar 3.0

The user can read about these features to know more about Luminar 3.0:

You can download Luminar 3.0 for free
Luminar 3.0

Photo importing

When users are adding new photos to the Catalog, they will notice that the entire process will get completed much faster than ever before. This is because photo importing is much faster than ever before in this version of Luminar. Users will not have to wait unnecessarily for a long period of time like they used to before and will be able to import their photos very quickly.

Faster launching

When the users reload their Catalog, it will be done much faster than before. Thus, they will be able to save a good amount of time on reloading and spend their time effectively on other activities.


Users of the previous version of Luminar spoke of how there were many stability issues. In the new version, the makers of the software took the liberty of resolving all of those issues so that users could have a much smoother time with the software.

Shortcut Keys

New shortcut keys have been added which will definitely make it much easier for users to control the software effectively. They will be able to move from place to place on the software with much greater ease than they did before.

Language support

Support for many new languages such as Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian was added. This means that Luminar can now be accessed by a much larger audience. The addition of these new languages also shows how much the makers of the software care about ensuring that their product reaches more people.

Database Management

Users’ data will now be backed up automatically so that their edits and metadata can also be preserved appropriately. Users will have frequent backups so they do not have to worry unnecessarily about losing their data. Some users may not always like backups happening so the option for them to choose when to have their backups will definitely make them very happy.

Where can you download Luminar 3.0 for free
Download Luminar 3.0 for free – ISORIVER

Structure, Soft Glow, and Details Enhancer

These tools can be used to improve the quality of the user’s picture. Structure can be used to produce different levels of contrast in the picture according to the wish of the user. More details can be brought out in the picture using this. Soft Glow can be used to produce lightness in the picture. Details Enhancer will do a wonderful job of making all the details in the picture look pronounced and beautiful.

Aurora HDR Integration

The user will be able to handoff their photos so they can be merged in Aurora HDR. They have to select many images at the same time in their Library and then go ahead with the merge. Being able to bring together many photos like this will definitely be exciting and interesting to witness.

Better navigation

Users will find it much easier to go from place to place on the software because of the improved navigation that is available. There are buttons available on the toolbar that will definitely help the user when it comes to this.

Greater safety in imports

Users will be alerted by the software if they try to perform imports to locations that do not have the available space required for them. Thus, users will not end up making mistakes when it comes to their photo imports.

Downloading and installing Luminar 3.0

These are the steps that the user has to follow in order to download and install Luminar 3.0:

  • The user has to visit the official website for downloading Luminar 3.0
  • They then have to select the download button so that the software can get downloaded
  • Once the download is complete, the user will have to select the executable file
  • On selection of the file, the installer will start working and installation prompts will be displayed
  • The user will have to go through all of the prompts that are displayed and then get to the end
  • Once the installation process is complete, the user will be able to test out the software and try it for themself

We hope that the content above will help you understand more about Luminar 3.0. There are many interesting features and functionalities that Luminar 3.0 has to offer you. There may be slight differences in using the software depending on whether you are using the Windows OS or the macOS. If you have both systems, you can try downloading the software on both of them and see how the experience turns out to be.

You will definitely have a fine time using it to modify all of your photographs and editing them with the tools that are available. The increased stability in this version will also make it more efficient and easy to use. Please share this article with your friends and family if you think that it will be of use to them. You can reach out to us below in the comments section if there is anything you would like to discuss regarding the content that we have delivered to you.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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