Download Compressor 4.5.1 Full Version for Free

You may be checking out a piece of audio or video and wish to experience it in a different way but are unsure about how to do that. It can be complicated to do something like this on your own and some extra assistance may be needed. If you are in a situation like this, you may need software that can help you with this; something that can help you export and display whatever you want and also change your output to make it as optimal as it can possibly be. 

If you are looking for software like this, Compressor 4.5.1 may be what you need. This software is chock-full of features that can assist you greatly. You will be able to export your videos and view them on other devices as well as export them to websites if you want. There are also many settings that have been built-in so that you can transcode your files into common media formats.

If you want to learn more about this software and how to get it on your computer, please read our guide to learn more.

Features of Compressor 4.5.1

Give these features a read so you can learn more about Compressor 4.5.1 and what you can do with its help:

Where can you download Compressor 4.5.1 for free
Compressor 4.5.1

Exporting content for websites

You may have certain bits of content that interest you greatly and you may wish to share them with others as well. Video sharing websites such as Youtube and Vimeo are great ways for you to get your content across to a wider audience. However, you may not be able to share all of your videos as they may be in formats that cannot be normally exported. With Compressor 4.5.1, you will not have to worry about this and will be able to export all kinds of content for these kinds of websites.

Burning audio and video content to disks

You may have a piece of audio and video that you would want to store securely in a place that you can access anytime you want. A disk is a great medium that you can employ for this purpose. You will be able to burn your content onto disks using Compressor in a variety of formats such as HEVC, high-definition(HD), and standard-definition(SD).

Creating custom destinations and settings

There are many formats available that you can make use of to build destinations and settings that suit your workflow. There are various tools on this software that can allow you to create settings that are truly unique. You will also be able to use a job action once you have made the destination that you want. This action will be performed when your file has been successfully transcoded.

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Creating Compressor droplets

The Finder on your Mac can help you manage and launch your applications. There is a special application on Compressor that you can use to transcode whatever media files you have in your Finder. This will make it easier for you to do your work as a convenient workflow useful to you can be established using this feature.

Viewing HDR videos in the preview window

HDR videos are those that are stored in a format that provides much more contrast and detail compared to SDR videos. If you have a supported display, you will be able to view these kinds of videos on your computer in its preview window using Compressor 4.5.1.

You can download Compressor 4.5.1 for free
Download Compressor 4.5.1 for free

Providing pre-configured destinations

The software has many pre-configured destinations that can be used for transcoding files. Actions can then be performed on these files according to your wish. If you want to transcode any source file using a particular destination, the destination will then output what you need and then add the file to the location you want.

Using a network of shared computers

Sometimes, you may need to process your files faster and also not have much time to allow transcoding to take place. In instances like these, you can create your very own group of shared computers so that the process of transcoding and distribution is accelerated.

Downloading and installing Compressor 4.5.1

If you are interested in having this software on your computer for free, please follow the steps that we have listed for you here:

  • There are many websites online that you can access in order to download Compressor 4.5.1. Make use of a search engine that is comfortable for you so that you can get to such a website.
  • When you enter the website, there may be some details about the software listed and even a review in certain ones. You will have to locate the download button on the website and then click it.
  • The DMG file of the software will be downloaded on your computer after some time. After this has been completed, the installer will begin the setup process.
  • A bunch of questions will be asked to you and you will have to respond to each of them. These may include having to select the location on your computer where you want the software to be installed. Completing this will allow you to have the option of clicking the Install button at the end. Doing this will cause the installation process to take place.
  • The completion of the installation process will cause the software to automatically load on the screen. You can then follow the steps that are displayed to you so you can start using the software.

Compressor 4.5.1 is a fantastic software that will provide you with all the tools you need to transcode and export the media files that you have. Once you try using it and get comfortable with it, it will definitely be of good use to you. If you know of someone else that may be interested in using this software, please let them know about it so that they can download it for themselves and try it out. You can share any thoughts about the article that you have in the comments section below.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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