Download Altium Designer 20.0 – Full Version for free

Altium Designer is an electronic design software package that was created specifically for printed circuit boards(PCB). There are four main features that are available under this software. The features are schematic capture, PCB design, FPGA development, and data management. Users will be able to integrate with many component distributors.

This will allow them to find components and important data that they need. They will also be able to edit the board. Design and manufacturing data can be published using the cloud. The user can simulate and debug FPGA if they use the VHDL language. They can also check if the appropriate output signals for some input signals are produced.

The user will definitely have a great time with all of the features that Altium Designer has to offer them.

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Features of Altium Designer 20.0

The user can read about these features and improvements to know more about what they can expect from using Altium Designer 20.0:

Where can you download Altium Designer 20.0 for free
Altium Designer 20.0

Components Panel Search Results Priority

There has been a major improvement in the Component panel’s search functionality which will make it much easier to prioritize the search results for the entries that the user enters.

Merge Component Types Feature

Users will be able to merge the components that they select into a single, unified component. The user can access this feature from the Preferences dialog. All they have to do is select one or more of the component types and click on the Merge option. In case a single component is chosen, Merge should be used to make a selection of the component type that the user wants. If many components are selected, Merge should be used to make a selection of the desired type from the types that have already been selected before.


Users can now control the mapping between the component types and their templates. This can be done by going to the Preferences option and selecting the Templates option. The Edit templates option will then be available to the user. They should then assign the component type that they want to the template that is associated with it.

Arrow Key functions

The user will now be able to make use of their keyboard’s arrow keys in order to shift through the categories that are present in the Components panel. The user can make use of their arrow keys to get through the list and open or close branches.

Column Visibility Settings

The user will now be able to push their column visibility settings from parent to child if they want to. There is a command that enables them to do so. The user will have to right-click on any selected category having a child category and then select the Apply Column Visibility to Child Categories option. The column visibility of the child category will now be the same as that of the parent category.

You can download Altium Designer 20.0 for free
Download Altium Designer 20.0 for free

Sharing Components Panel

The user will now be able to share the Components panel settings between the installation that has taken place by using DXP preference files.

Editing a Footprint

The user will now be able to edit footprints if the schematic library contains a linked footprint that is valid.

Manufacturer Part Search

Users can be redirected to the Manufacturer Part Search panel with the aid of this new option. They can access the dialog when the Altium Content Vault option is selected from the Explorer panel. The models for Altium Content Vault can now be found in the Manufacturer Part Search panel. A few options will be available to the user from which they can make their selection. The Proceed with Search option will allow them to open up the documentation page of the panel that belongs to Manufacturer Part Search.

Port Cross-Reference

There has been a new command that has been added to Reports. The user can go to the menu that pops up. It will update all the cross-references of the documents that are available; the ones that have changed.


The user will now be able to select an object and navigate to a port or child page. If the user selects a sheet entry, they will be able to get to a port that is present on the child schematic page. If they select a port, they will be able to navigate to sheet entry. If they select an off-sheet connector, they will be able to get to an off-sheet connector.

Downloading and installing Altium Designer 20.0

These are the steps that the user has to carefully follow if they want to download and install Altium Designer 20.0:

  • They will have to visit the official page for the software and find the download link for it
  • They will then have to select the download link and wait patiently for the download to take place
  • The user will then have to select the executable file which will trigger the installer
  • The installer will present the user with a bunch of installation prompts which they will have to follow carefully
  • Once the user is done with the installation process, they can try out the software

We hope that you enjoyed reading what we put out for you. There are so many amazing things that can be done with the help of Altium Designer and it is a software package that is highly efficient and great for practical use. Many wonderful improvements have been added to this version of Altium Designer which will definitely help you have a better experience with the package.

You can reach out to your friends and family members about this package if you think it will be of use to them. Please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below if there is anything you would like to discuss with us regarding the article that we have delivered to you.

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