Can you imagine life without the Internet? Well, that is not something that most people would want to do. It can be hard to be travelling somewhere and not have access to the Internet. Most of the stuff that we do today revolves around the Internet so it can be hard to stay without it, especially when you are in a situation where it is urgently needed. Wouldn’t you love to be able to tap into the different kinds of networks that are outside and find one that can help you when you need it? If you do, there is an excellent piece of software that can assist you.

AirRadar 6 is a brilliant piece of technology that has been designed for the Mac. Using it, you will be able to scan and find all the networks that are there on a particular map. Whenever you are moving, the software will update the location of all of your networks whenever it gets a signal that is better. If a particular network is closed, it will be marked with a red dot. If it is open, it will be marked with a green dot. After a bit of travelling around, you will be able to collect all the networks that are there in a particular location. 

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If you are intrigued by this technology and wish to know more about it, please continue to read our guide where we have detailed its features and download procedure.

Features of AirRadar 6 for Mac

Please get to know more about these amazing features below:

Where can you download AirRadar 6 Free for Mac
AirRadar 6 for Mac

Complete Wi-Fi support

Since there are many kinds of Wi-Fi specifications out there, you may be worried about whether the software will support all of them or not. Well, you can rest assured as it supports all of the modern specifications that you need like 802.11 and all its versions.

GPS Integration

You may wonder how this software finds all of these access points. It does this with the help of the GPS system. The internal location services of your macOS will be employed to get the approximate positions of all of the access points that are out there.


Since there are so many networks out there, you would want to join the one that is the absolute best. The software will automatically pick the network that you are most interested in and join that one.

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If you are someone who is interested in plotting points based on certain parameters, this feature is for you. You can use this feature to graph the network signals and the noise experienced over time.


There may be a particular network that you are quite fond of and wish to access whenever you get the opportunity. If a network like that exists for you, you can set it as your favourite so you can easily access it whenever you want to.

You can download AirRadar 6 Free for Mac
Download AirRadar 6 Free for Mac – ISORIVER


You definitely would like to avoid areas where there are too many networks as congestion can take place. If that happens, it can be hard for you to get a strong Wi-Fi signal since there are so many people using them at the same time. This feature will allow you to know about these channels in advance so you can find some other network.


You can save and load the history of the networks that you use while you are travelling so you can refer to this information whenever you want to.


It can be hard to distinguish between the various networks that are present sometimes. Thus, you can use the Label feature to add notes and different colours to the various networks. This will make it easy for you to figure out which network is which.


This feature will alert you whenever new networks are available in the area that you are in. 


You can save the passwords for all of the networks that you know of using this feature. It will be useful for you later when you need to fill in the password to use the network. Having to remember each and every password is something that can be hard to do so use this feature to make things much easier for you.

Downloading and installing AirRadar 6 for free on your Mac

You can go through these steps and then follow them if you want so you can get this software on your Mac and use it for yourself:

  • Use one of your online browsers to get to the website that has a download link for this software. Once you get there, you can enter the website. You will then have to locate the Download button on the website.
  • The website will ask you to give your name and email ID so that you can receive notifications about the products that are released on it. You can decline to give this information if you want to and then proceed. 
  • The DMG file of AirRadar 6 will get downloaded on your Mac. When this happens, the setup for the software will then begin. You will have to follow the given prompts and do what is asked of you accordingly.
  • Completing this will allow you to reach the dialog box with the Install button. Click this button and let the installation process take place after which you can use the software.
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We are happy that we got to share this article with you and hope that it helped you learn more about AirRadar 6 and what a fine piece of software it is. You can do so much using this software and you will never have to worry about Wi-Fi again when you are travelling. If you found this article to be useful, please share it with whomever you think would benefit from the information found here.

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