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If you are somebody with a creative eye who wishes to work with 3D models, 3DCoat 4.9 is definitely the software for you. You can produce amazing content using this fantastic piece of software and there are so many features that are present to help you do it all.

There are many tasks that can be performed using this software including sculpting, UV editing, and rendering. You will no longer have to buy any expensive pieces of software for doing all of these things. 

There is a 30 days free trial period for the user so they can learn a lot more about the software in great detail before purchasing it if they want to.

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Features of 3DCoat 4.9

The user can read up about these features to learn more about how 3DCoat 4.9 works:

Where can you download 3D-Coat 4.9 for free
3DCoat 4.9

Paint Room

Using Paint Room, users will be able to import to lock textures over layers. They can also import or calculate normal maps and the layer will be locked by the cavity. The texture will then be saved to the disk. The texture that has been locked will be used instead of the present layer when the user changes the resolution. All of this is important so that users will be able to paint their materials in low-quality texture and then obtain high-quality texture at the end.

The user can also move their smart materials to other folders. This will take less space in the Context menu or RMB menu. The materials will then be brought together and consolidated into a line along with the submenu. Users can also change the width of their edges for cube mapping and there is even a special settings panel that is dedicated for the same.

Sculpt Room

This room can be used to completely redo the cutoff that was done in the surface mode. Currently, the shape of your cut would be very accurate and uniform. Sharp cuts of high accuracy can be produced using depth and backplane limitations. Soft booleans are also supported in the Sculpt Room. There are soft booleans available for all the different kinds of primitives and volume merging and cutoff is available as well.

Volumes that are isolated can be stored in the scene file. Geometry will have much greater stability and power compared to before. Objects will be automatically closed before data is converted from one source type into a 3D volume of data. Pose selection can be stored and its working is very similar to that of poly groups. Blob effects that arise can be decreased using proper brushing techniques. The snapping problem that existed with the pose tool angle has now been fixed.

UV Room

There are many features supported in this room including sharp edges, baking, import, and export. There is a context-sensitive RMB menu present that will be of great help when it comes to low-poly modelling. Users can control their default unwrapping methods in the settings. The tools that are available in UV Room are much easier to use and have a higher level of intuition compared to other 3D editors.

How to download 3D-Coat 4.9 for free
Download 3DCoat 4.9 for free

The To stripe method that is used for unwrapping has been made much better and it can be set as default inside the Unwrap command if the user wants to do so. Strips of quads can be unwrapped and converted into straight lines using this amazing method. If such cases arise, they will be detected by Unwrap immediately.

Other small changes that have been introduced 

These are some of the other minor changes that have been implemented in this version of 3DCoat:

  • Axial translation bars can now be disabled
  • Symmetry and soft booleans are now supported by Cut & Clone
  • If the user edits the Proxy, Voxel Mesh will return to the voxel mode
  • Sketch tool has been improved and can be used to interact with curves in a more effective way
  • There is a much more accurate cutoff that is available to the user
  • Primitive icons are now resized properly

Downloading and installing 3DCoat 4.9

In order to download and install 3DCoat 4.9, it is imperative that the user follows the given steps carefully:

  • The user will have to visit the appropriate page for downloading the software
  • They will have to purchase the free version and let the download take place
  • Once the download has taken place, the user must extract the zip file using Winrar
  • They must then select the executable file and prompts for the installation will be displayed to the user
  • The user will have to follow the prompts that are given very carefully and ensure that they do not miss out on anything
  • After the installation gets completed, the user will be free to try out the software for themselves and see how it is. If they enjoy the free trial period, they can proceed to purchase the software if they want to. The price for the software will vary depending on the license that the user is going for.

We had a great time preparing this article on 3DCoat 4.9 for you and we hope that you understood what we were trying to get across. In case you have not downloaded or tried out 3DCoat 4.9 before, we suggest that you do so you can see if you like it or not.

There are many new features in this version that you would definitely be interested in trying out. You can share this article with anyone that you may think will need it so that they can be benefited from it. Please feel free to reach out to us below in the comments section if you wish to discuss anything about the content that was written.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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