Windows Server 2003, released on 24th April 2003 was produced by Microsoft. It is a server operating system being a successor of windows server 2000 and a predecessor of windows server 2008. The Kernel version of windows server 2003 was later approved in the development of windows vista. The source model of windows server 2003 are ‘closed-source’ and ‘source-available’. It was released on the platforms including IA-32, x86-64 and Itanium.

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Windows Server 2003 is the follow-up to Windows 2000 Server, consolidating similarity and different highlights from Windows XP. Not at all like Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003’s default establishment has none of the server segments empowered, to decrease the assault surface of new machines. Windows Server 2003 incorporates similarity modes to enable more seasoned applications to keep running with more prominent soundness. It was made increasingly good with Windows NT 4.0 space based systems administration. Windows Server 2003 got improved Active Directory similarity, and better sending help, to facilitate the change from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional.

The product experienced a few name changes throughout advancement. At the point when initially declared in 2000, it was known by its codename, “Whistler Server”; it was named “Windows 2002 Server” for a short time in mid-2001, trailed by “Windows .NET Server” and “Windows .NET Server 2003”. After Microsoft centered the “.NET” marking on the .NET Framework, the OS was at long last discharged as “Windows Server 2003”.

Windows Server 2003 Editions

There are a number of different editions of windows server 2003 including Web, Datacenter, Enterprise, Standard, each of which subjected towards a particular type of business and different size. If you look generally, all the versions of windows server have the ability to act as an application server, share printers and files, provide mailing services, authenticating users, host messages in queues, serve media streaming, provide services including LDAP directory, act as a server for X.509 certificate, etc.

windows server 2003 download free


Web server is meant for hosting and building web pages, web applications and web services including XML. It is intended to be utilized principally as an IIS web server and gives a stage to creating and conveying XML Web administrations and applications that utilization ASP.NET innovation. Area controller and Terminal Services usefulness are excluded on Web Edition. Be that as it may, Remote Desktop for Administration is accessible. Just 10 simultaneous record sharing associations are permitted at any minute. It is preposterous to expect to introduce Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange programming in this version without introducing Service Pack 1. In spite of supporting XML Web administrations and ASP.NET, UDDI can’t be conveyed on Windows Server 2003 Web. The .NET Framework from 2.0 is excluded with Windows Server 2003 Web, however can be introduced as a different refresh from Windows Update.


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard is pointed towards little to medium-sized organizations. Standard Edition underpins document and printer sharing, offers secure Internet availability, and permits brought together work area application sending. A particular variant for the x64 engineering was discharged in April 2005.


Enterprise server aims towards medium to large businesses. It is a full-work server working framework that underpins up to 8 physical processors and gives venture class highlights, for example, eight-hub bunching utilizing Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) programming and backing for up to 64GB of RAM through PAE. Enterprise Edition additionally comes in particular forms for the x64 and Itanium structures.


This release has better help for storage area networks (SANs): It includes an administration which utilizes Windows attachments to imitate TCP/IP correspondence over local SAN specialist co-ops, along these lines enabling a SAN to be gotten to over any TCP/IP channel. With this, any application that can discuss over TCP/IP can utilize a SAN, with no alteration to the application.

The Datacenter version, similar to the Enterprise release, bolsters 8-hub grouping. Grouping expands accessibility and adaptation to internal failure of server establishments by circulating and imitating the administration among numerous servers. This release bolsters grouping with each bunch having its own committed stockpiling, or with all group hubs associated with a typical SAN.

Hardware capabilities support for different editions of windows server 2003

Web server can hold upto 2 maximum physical CPUs. The same for standard, enterprise and datacenter is 4, 8 and 64 respectively.

For a 32 bit system, maximum RAM requirements for web server is 2 GB, for standard server is 4 GB, for enterprise server is 64 GB and that of datacenter server is 64 GB also.

For a 64 bit system, maximum RAM requirements for web and standard servers are not available. The same for enterprise and datacenter server is 1 TB in both the cases.

In the case of an Itanium system, maximum RAM requirements for web and standard servers are not available. The same in the case of enterprise and datacenter server is 2 TB.

Windows server 2003 R2

Windows Server 2003 R2 is the title of a correlative offering by Microsoft. It comprises of a duplicate of Windows Server 2003 SP1 on one CD and a large group of alternatively put in new highlights (reminiscent of Microsoft Plus!) on another. It was discharged to assembling on December 6, 2005 for IA-32 and x64 stages, however not for IA-64. It was prevailing by Windows Server 2008

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Editions of windows server 2003 R2-

Windows server 2003 R2 comprises of 4 different editions namely Express, Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise. The features of the various versions of windows server 2003 R2 are mentioned below-

Number of physical CPUs

  • Express- 1
  • Workgroup– 1
  • Standard- 1-4
  • Enterprise- 1-64

x64 versions available

  • Express- Yes
  • Workgroup- Yes
  • Standard- Yes
  • Enterprise- Yes

Number of disk drives

  • Express- 2
  • Workgroup- 4
  • Standard- Unlimited
  • Enterprise- Unlimited


  • Express- 1
  • Workgroup- 2
  • Standard- Unlimited
  • Enterprise- Unlimited

Print service

  • Express- No
  • Workgroup- Yes
  • Standard- Yes
  • Enterprise- Yes

CALs required

  • Express- No
  • Workgroup- No
  • Standard- No
  • Enterprise- No

iSCSI target support

  • Express- Optional
  • Workgroup- Optional
  • Standard- Optional
  • Enterprise- Optional


  • Express- No
  • Workgroup- No
  • Standard- No
  • Enterprise- Yes

Installing windows server 2003 Standard Edition

  1. Put the Windows Server 2003 CD into the CD drive and turn your computer on. If you can’t open the CD drive while your computer is off, put the CD into the drive while the computer is on, and then restart your computer.
  2. Wait as the Windows Setup screen loads. Hit the “Enter” button once the “Welcome to Setup” message appears
  3. Create the partition on your hard drive where you will install Windows Server 2003.
  4. Use the arrow keys to highlight “Format the partition using the NTFS file system.” Hit the “Enter” key. Wait as the installer formats the drive. Then, wait as the installer copies the Windows Server 2003 files to your hard drive.
  5. Hit the “Enter” key to reboot your computer after the setup process completes. Wait as the installer loads device drivers for your computer. Click “Next” on the screen titled “Regional and Language Options.
  6. Enter your name and organization on the next screen and click “Next.”
  7. Think of an administrator password and enter it on the next screen. Change the computer name.
  8. Configure your network settings by clicking “Custom settings” on the screen titled “Network Settings” and clicking “Next.”
  9. Leave the “No” option selected on the “Workgroup or Computer Domain” page and click “Next.”
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Windows Server 2003 Standard ISO file download free
Windows Server 2003 Standard ISO file download free 2

Windows Server 2003, released on 24th April 2003 was produced by Microsoft. It is a server operating system being a successor of windows server 2000 and a

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