Windows Server 2000 is the successor to windows server range of operating systems that made the firm stand in the server-based operating system industry. The windows server 2000 was previously called as the Windows server NT 5.0 in the trial versions.


The windows server is a line-up of server-based operating systems from Microsoft. Windows Server 2000 was packed with loads of features and facilities that weren’t available in the previous versions of the windows server. The windows server 2000 enabled the user to create and run telephony services such as interactive voice responses and voice commands.

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The windows server 2000 also helped the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to make sure to limit its functionalities when it is running a website on the internet. The major upgrade of the Windows server 2000 was that the server would prevent the newly installed files from replacing the older system files that are very important to the functioning of the system.

The windows server 2000 also had the biggest advantage that it could prevent the Web applications from crashing the webserver. They also upgraded the Microsoft platform for developing web applications for developers.

Some of the features that were incorporated with the Windows server 2000 were really revolutionary and ground-breaking. Some of the noteworthy features are

1. Active Directory

There are a lot of ways in which you can store information and one of the old-school methods was to use floppy disks. To prevent the usage of floppy disks Microsoft introduced a new concept called the Active Directory. This directory was used to store information of resources, users and various other attributes.

The Active Directory was introduced to make sure that there was an alternative way to store the data that was handled day to day by the server-based operating systems. The active directory was one of the revolutionary features that transformed the ways in which memories were managed using present-day technologies.

2. Distributed File Systems

The distributed file systems in the windows 2000 server operating system enabled the user to distribute various files among the various users connected to the server network. The files had to be transferred from one system to another through the help of floppy disks and CD drives. But with the introduction of the Distributed Files Systems, the file transfer between the systems was easy and much efficient compared to the old conventional methods of the file transfer.

3. NTFS 3.0 File system

NTFS 3.0 file system helps the user to use the system with new features such as file-system level encryption that made sure that there was a high level of security patch between the user and various other systems connected to the server. They also provided additional disk quotas. They also gave access to sparse files and reparse points.

4. Virtual Private Network

The virtual private network was one of the most connectivity features that were developed in the release of windows server 2000. The windows server 2000 enabled the users to connect to a virtual network or a remote server. This was used to make a transaction of data between two hosts whose transaction history must not be known. With the virtual private network, you can connect to a VPN and share the files on your computer to another computer connected to that network.

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5. Multiple Users to one single internet connection

Before the Windows server 2000, computer users had just one internet connection to one system. this means that they had to give the ethernet cable to each and every system from the main port. With the release of the windows server 2000 the concept of multiple users using a single internet connection, with the help of an ethernet cable. This made sure that the users had ample internet usage. The amount of hardware also significantly reduced leading to the accommodation of more systems.

6. Backup

The backup option in the system of windows 2000 server also enabled the user to back up to a single file on the hard disk or any other media. The backup option in the systems made sure that the systems files were localized and the user did not have to search for multiple files to relocate the old back up files.

System Requirements

The requirements for these types of systems are minimal and simple. They did not require much of the space and processing capacity as that was demanded by the previous server-based operating systems.

  • Minimum 64GB RAM
  • Minimum 2GB Hard disk
  • High-Pentium core processor

Download Windows 2000 server ISO image file

The file for installing the windows server 2000 ISO file can be downloaded from the below link. The requirements of the system are very less compared to the previous versions of the operating systems. There is also an added troubleshoot system that will help you solve any problems if you have any during the system boot-up.

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Download Windows Server 2000 ISO file for free
Download Windows Server 2000 ISO file for free 2

Windows Server 2000 is the successor to windows server range of operating systems that made the firm stand in the server-based operating system industry. T

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