Whiteboard animations are lately becoming famous and most used by people in creating simple yet beautiful animated videos. With whiteboard animations, you can create simple and effective videos to explain different concepts. Whiteboard animations use simple, animations like cartoon faces, stick man, and other simple vector-based animations to compose the video. Their creation is very easy compared to conventional cartoons and animations. Whiteboard animations are widely used by teachers, educators, and online streamers to create awesome animated content. With whiteboard animations, you can create simple videos for personal and professional uses.

With whiteboard animations becoming popular, animation softwares are being developed to provide the users with features to create and edit whiteboard animations. These softwares are specially built to create whiteboard animations and contain various templates and graphical elements to let the user freely create animated videos. Using this software doesn’t need special skills, just creativity and knowing where to put the things correctly will help create beautifully animated content.

VideoScribe Pro is one such whiteboard animation creation and editing software. VideoScribe is built exclusively for creating whiteboard animations and has all the advanced features one needs to create good animated videos. The tools are customizable and work efficiently in aiding you to create good animated videos. You can work with all sorts of visual effects and utilize them in creating a sequential animated video. The frame control features are very good allowing you to edit frame by frame and produce good quality videos.

Features of VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac

Learning the features helps you understand the software better. You can judge the efficiency of the software with its features and functionalities. Once you have learned the features of the software, you can efficiently work using the software, as you know what the software is capable of. 

Where can you download VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac
VideoScribe Pro 2.2

Learn the features of VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac:

Simple User Interface

The user interface is the visual aspect of the software. A better and dimple user interface, allows you to work efficiently and directly contributes to productivity. VideoScribe is a very simply built software with easy to use user interface. You can navigate very easily and find all the tools and functions, necessary for animation from the software. The working area is pretty large and provides you with clear visibility to improve usability. The fonts and graphical elements used are very minimalist and descriptive. With such easy to use user interface, your productivity is improved and you can efficiently utilize the features of the software.

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Unlimited Libraries

Whiteboard animations depend largely on the use of vector-based graphics to make up most of the video, VideoScribe provides you with almost, unlimited graphic resources, you can download them or directly use them on your projects. You can use various fonts from the font libraries, all these library elements are free to use and are of high standards. Use up your creativity and create awesome-looking animated videos with VideoScribe Pro with simple clicks. You can save tonnes of your time by using the libraries to get the desired graphics instead of browsing the internet manually. You can search for a particular variety of art and use them in your work with just some mouse clicks.

Top-Notch Tools

Animation requires a lot of work and editing, VideoScribe provides you with the best tools to allow editing and manipulation of animations. The tools built-in the software are of good standards ad provides precise functions. You can customize the tools to make them work according to your preferences. You also get presentation tools that aid you in presenting your videos efficiently to your audiences. 

Boosts Creativity

Creativity is one essential thing every creator needs to have, for being creative, you need to master the software and tools, so, you can effectively implement your creative ideas instantly without having to struggle to create. All the tools built into VideoScribe are efficient and easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on being creative and work spontaneously. 

You can download VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac
Download VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac

Cross-Platform Utility

VideoScribe is a cross-platform software, i.e the software is supported on both the major computer operating systems. You can use the software on Windows as well as Mac OS. with the cross-platform support feature, group projects and collaboration becomes easier. 

High-End Music Support

VideoScribe supports various formats of music files and can utilize them efficiently increating videos. You can download various music clips from the vast library of VideoScribe, and use them on your animation projects without fearing copyrights disputes.  You can record high-quality audio for using them on your videos.

Minimum Requirements for Using VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac

Minimum requirements are the set of necessary hardware and software features a computer must have in order to support software. Satisfying the minimum requirements is very essential to use the software efficiently. 

  • Any multi-core Intel Processor with a 64-bit architecture will run the software efficiently.
  • The minimum RAM required to run VideoScribe Pro 2.2 is 1 GB.
  • 300 MB of free disk space is necessary to install the software.
  • VideoScribe is supported on Mac OS 10.7 and higher OSes.
VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac Download Free 1

How to Download VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac

  • Follow these simple steps to download VideoScribe Pro 2.2 on Mac:
  • On your web browser, search for VideoScribe Pro 2.2 for Mac.
  • From the search results, choose an authentic and proper website to download the software. Download from an authentic source or you may end up downloading malicious files.
  • Once you have chosen the website, enter in and look for the download button, now click the download button to initiate the downloads.
  • Once the downloads are done, navigate to the download location and install the software.
  • Once you have installed the software, you are good to go with using the software.

VideoScribe is a powerful, yet simple whiteboard animation software. You can use it to create beautiful animated videos for various purposes. Try using the software and experiment with the different functionalities to understand and master the software in a better way.

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