Literally, every utility website or application requires you to set a user ID and a password and remembering all those passwords can sometimes be difficult. You will end up forgetting some of the passwords and would have to reset them using some of the reset options provided by the application or the website. There are many instances where you try hard to retrieve your passwords but fail to retrieve them because of some technical issues.

It is also not safe to write down your password somewhere as you may lose it or it could get into the wrong hands; this is where password management tools come into pictures. Their role is simple; they scan your devices for files that could possibly contain the password stored in some form. These can be viewed using the password manager software and you can get through the application or website login. Such pieces of software can come in handy during a crisis or urgent times where you need to retrieve your passwords very badly to use it to access some of your important information or applications. 

PassFab iOS Password Manager is password retriever software, which allows you to retrieve your passwords that may have been stored on your iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. The software is easy to use and works efficiently to retrieve your passwords. You can retrieve Wi-Fi passwords, mail account passwords, Apple login passwords, and website login passwords. This software can be used as a go-to solution for password recovery and the process of retrieval is very simple. There is one constraint with using this software and that is, to retrieve a password, it has to be saved on your iOS device. The software is completely safe to use and trustable. 

Features of PassFab iOS Password Manager

Every software has its own features and set of functionalities it offers.  These features are the one that decides the software’s utility quotient and efficiency. It is a good practice to know and understand the features of the software before actually using it to decide whether the software provides the exact utility that you are looking for or whether you need to look for another one to get your job done. Let us discuss the features PassFab iOS Password Manager offers:

You can download PassFab iOS Password Manager for free
PassFab iOS Password Manager

Simple to Use Interface

The user interface is one of the most important components of any software and a good interface always improves the utility of the software. PassFab iOS Password Manager has a simple and easy to use interface with all the functionalities placed perfectly on the interface with proper contrast and text legibility. You can find the different options easily to work efficiently with the software. You get a white themed background that makes the text and other elements clearly visible.

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Easy Process

You can retrieve your passwords in minutes with simple steps. You can find all the necessary functions and use them easily. The software will have guidelines that describe how to make the retrieval as you proceed with the process. With the step by step procedure given in the software, the tedium that you normally face with reading through procedures is nullified. With this, you can speed up your password retrieval process. You can retrieve any password or login IDs in CSV format, which is easy to view and widely used.

Advanced Search Feature

The software searches for password hints and passwords in every nook and corner of your iOS device. All the files are scanned and your files are safe as no files will be corrupted or deleted from the storage; the advanced search makes the retrieval function easier. The software not only retrieves passwords but also retrieves lost user IDs, which is a really beneficial feature.

You can download PassFab iOS Password Manager for free
Download PassFab iOS Password Manager – ISORIVER

Cross-Platform Compatibility

If you are a Windows user, don’t worry as you can use the software edition available for Windows OS to retrieve your passwords and login IDs from your iOS devices. The software works very well on both Mac OS and Windows OS. There is no performance deterioration with different OS editions. The software works in all iOS versions and you can retrieve your lost passwords from any iOS versioned devices. 

Minimum Requirements for Using PassFab iOS Password Manager

The software is a pretty basic software with no sophisticated utility and the software requires fewer hardware capabilities to function.

For Windows Computer:

  • Any multi-core processor can run the software.
  • The minimum RAM required for the proper functioning of the software is 512 MB, which is a very basic configuration and all modern-day computers have this type of powerful RAM.
  • The software works on Windows OS 7, 8, and 10.
  • The minimum free space needed to install the software is 50 MB.

For Mac Computers:

  • Any Mac OS higher than 10.10 can run the software.
  • The minimum free storage space required to install the software is 80 MB.

How to Download PassFab iOS Password Manager

Follow these steps mentioned below to download the software.

PassFab iOS Password Manager Download for free 1
  • On your web browser, search for download PassFab iOS Password Manager.
  • From the search results, choose an authentic website to download your software. From the website, you choose to select the editions (Windows or Mac OS). Once you are done with choosing the edition, look for the download button and click it. This will download the software file on your computer.
  • Once you have downloaded the file on your computer, you can go ahead and install it and start using it.

This is really cool software to have in your arsenal if you are an iOS user. You will easily be able to retrieve lost passwords and login-IDs. With software like these, your life becomes simple, and managing your digital world becomes easier. You don’t have to write down your passwords anymore, you just need to go ahead and download the software if you feel you have lost your password. Anyways, this software is surely assuring. However, you should try remembering your passwords properly in the first place so you do not end up in situations that require you to recover them more often. 

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