With Office 2000’s extensive Help system, you’ll quickly find answers to questions as you’re employed. The Office Assistant can answer questions, offer you helpful tips, and display alerts to assist you’re employed better. you’ll ask the Office Assistant questions in your own words, and answers are given in simple language understood by educators and students alike. If you wish, you’ll select a special Assistant that better matches your personality. Or, you’ll close up the Office Assistant and ask questions using the online Help.

All Office 2000 programs have a typical feature that creates it easy to send your Office files directly from that program. for instance, you’ll create a schedule of assignment due dates in Word 2000 or Excel 2000. Then, with Microsoft Office Email, you can open a replacement email message and send it to your students or colleagues. Note that before you use this feature for the primary time, your e-mail must already be configured properly. Check with your technology coordinator or supervisor if you’ve got questions.

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The Office 2000 suite includes features integrated into all of the programs. This makes the programs easier to find out and use. Office 2000 also conforms to your habits and preferences to extend your personal productivity.

If you’re using Microsoft Office 2000 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, you can continue to work on files even once you are no longer connected to the online server. You select folders and files in Web Folders to be replicated on an area computer, such as your laptop. you’ll then still edit those files after you disconnect from the online server. once you reconnect to the online server, you synchronize the files on your personal computer with the files on the online server; this ensures that the files are maintained so far.

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Download Microsoft Office 2000 Professional

This feature is often especially helpful to you as a teacher if, for instance, you wanted to grade homework files from home on your laptop PC. You would connect to your server, copy the files you would like to your computer, and then disconnect from the web (and your Web server). After completing your work on the files, you’d reconnect to the online server, and synchronize the files.

  • Microsoft Office Profile Wizard. A utility that captures preferences and settings made to Office programs, which may then be copied to other machines. Office 2000 takes special care to accommodate Windows Terminal Server with Roaming User Profiles.
  • Intelligent Install. Determines the optimal installation supported existing Office settings and available machine resources. A Custom Installation Wizard also allows supervisors or technology coordinators to make custom installations on a private, departmental, or institutional level.
  • Self-repairing applications. Checks all essential files and registry entries at startup then, if missing or corrupted, reinstalls them in the background, requiring less maintenance for technology specialists.
  • Backward compatibility. 
  • Office 97 can open files inbuilt Office 2000.
  • Customizable Alerts. Allows network administrators or technology coordinators to supplement built-in alert dialogs with school or university-specific information by inserting links to existing intranet information or assistance sites.
  • Updated File Open/Save panel. the foremost commonly used dialog boxes in Office, File Open and File Save, now have a Places bar which contains icons for places you regularly store files like the My Documents folder and thus the Desktop.
  • Collect and Paste. With the extended Microsoft Office Clipboard, you can gather up to 12 items from different sources and paste them into any Office document either individually or all directly.
  • Virus Protection and Security. The new Microsoft Office Antivirus utility allows third-party virus protection vendors to directly scan Office documents before they are loaded. With Office 2000, authors can digitally sign their documents, certifying that they’re virus-free. Such signed documents open in Office without the virus warning. If the documents are changed in the least, Office recognizes this and alerts you.
  • Quick file switching. Every Open Office document is represented by its own icon on the Windows taskbar, making switching among a gaggle of open documents much easier.
  • URLs in Command Bars, including the Outlook Bar. One or more icons in the Command Bar often link to sites so you’ll create links to class or department sites, or pages you’re using for research.
  • History folder. This folder, found within the File Open panel, contains links to recently opened files.
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Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Free Download – ISORIVER

System Requirements of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Download

  • Computer: Higher processor/ PC with Pentium 75MHz
  • Memory: 16MB or 32MB of RAM for the OS, 4MB of RAM for each application running, 8MB of RAM for Outlook.
  • Operating system: Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 needs Service Pack 3 
  • Peripherals: Microsoft IntelliMouse, compatible pointing device, or Microsoft Mouse.

Download Microsoft Office 2000 Professional 

You can download the Microsoft Office 200 Professional full version for Windows by accessing the link below. Also, make sure that you have enough back up before you proceed with the same. There are a lot of duplicate ISO images on the market and it is best to download the same from a trusted source.

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Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Download for free
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Download for free 2

With Office 2000's extensive Help system, you'll quickly find answers to questions as you're employed. The Office Assistant can answer questions, offer you

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