Technology has grown so fast in the past few decades. Its growth is such that, anyone and everyone can have tech stuff for themselves and use it with ease. With smartphones and digital cameras, photography has become a universal and easy to practice art for anyone. With that said, photography is not complete without the post-production process. There are multiple pieces of software that offer post-production functions but most of those are either inefficient or paid ones with a cost that makes us get off their website immediately; they are just too much to afford for a casual user. 

Here is a photo post-processing software named PicsArt, that you can rely on, to edit your photos as well as create beautiful collages to use them for social media or any other way you prefer. PicsArt is a well-known photo editor available for Android. Since their functions were of a good standard, PicsArt moved a step forward and developed an application that could run on Windows computers. With Windows as an OS platform, the power of PicsArt tools increases and works the best as Windows computers are widely used by professionals for running sophisticated software and PicsArt is one such powerful software that is easy to master and use.

You can see all the features below and decide how exactly PicsArt is a good software and how you can put it to better use and enhance your photos.

Features of PicsArt for Windows

Having a good look at the features that are here will let you have a great understanding of PicsArt for Windows and what can be accomplished using it:

Where can you download PicsArt for Windows
PicsArt for Windows

Simple User Interface

The user interface is simple and is a dark themed software. All the tools are neatly arranged on the interface and the canvas i.e. the workspace is quite large to make editing easier. You can easily navigate and locate different tools within the interface without hassle.

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Simple Learning Curve

PicsArt is simple to use and you can quickly understand all the tricks to make good editing. The tools in the software are very simple. You can master the tools easily by just practicing editing and using the tools in different combinations to bring out newer effects that give your photos an enhanced look. If you previously have a basic knowledge of photo editing and post-processing, you can master the tools even easier.

Freemium Software

PicsArt provides many editing features for free in the software and only some need purchases that you can do within the application and they are worth the cost. The tools available for free are highly capable. You can use these to edit your pictures to make them better. You can be creative with the tools and create stunning images. When it comes to tools that need to be purchased, you can purchase them and if you wish to unsubscribe from whatever plan you subscribed to, you can do so. 


PicsArt has this cool feature where you can add stickers to your photos to make them more creative. There are tonnes of stickers available in the application, which you can choose and add to your photos. You get to use a wide variety of stickers and use them wherever suitable. People mostly use these stickers to create a self understandable story with the photo as a background. You can combine the editing tools and add stickers to make the picture very appealing and creative.


In PicsArt, there are numerous pre-made filters that can be used to make edits simple. Filters are pre-made edited layers that when applied to your pictures, instantly enhance them. The filters are an easy way to enhance your pictures and you can edit pictures on the go. From the large library of filters, you can experiment and preview your picture with the filter applied on it to decide the filter of your choice.

How to download PicsArt for Windows
Download PicsArt for Windows – ISORIVER

Collage Maker

PicsArt is built with an awesome collage maker with many percent frames and different options to alter each frame. You can create a good looking college for any occasion with different photos. 

Photo Enhancement

PicsArt is built with many simple photo enhancement tools like curves, levels, saturation control, hue adjustment, shadows, highlights, auto contrast, and sharpen. These tools can be used in different combinations to make the picture good-looking. You can become good at editing when you try out different combinations with different tools.

System requirements for downloading and installing PicsArt for free on your computer

These are the system requirements that your computer will have to satisfy if you want to download and install PicsArt for free on it:

  • You need to have a Windows system that is at least version 10.
  • Your CPU has to be quad-core or Hexa-core.
  • You need to have a GPU that has compatibility with OpenGL 3.2.
  • Your computer should have a minimum RAM capacity of 2 GB.
  • You need to have an SSD hard disk.

Downloading and installing PicsArt for free on a PC

You can follow the steps that are given here in order to download and install PicsArt for free on your computer:

You can download PicsArt for Windows
  • You will have to find some sort of online download link or button on some website that you can trust. Make sure that you do not enter any website that is untrustworthy as it could cause problems for your computer.
  • Click the link that you find and wait for some time so that the executable file of PicsArt can get downloaded on your computer. When this is done, you have to select the file and let the installer start up.
  • You will then have to respond to the prompts that are displayed to you according to where you want PicsArt to be installed on your computer and whether you want a shortcut for it or not. Make sure that you agree to all the terms and conditions before doing this.
  • You should click the Install button at the end and wait for PicsArt to get installed on your computer, following which you can use it.

We hope that you learnt more about PicsArt through this article. Do try using it and share the experience that you had with your friends. You can also talk about your experience with PicsArt in the comments section if you want.

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