The Mac operating system is by far the most stable operating system to run heavy software without any hassles. This is mainly due to the powerful software and hardware integration that makes the Mac OS a predominant one. The Mac OS is relied upon by video editors, compositors and designers to work on video projects as well. 

The advantage with this is that the operating system also helps in better efficient output with heavy software like Adobe after effects. The integration of Adobe after effects and the Mac OS software framework makes it the ideal machine to work with.

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The Adobe after effects is one of the most prevalent software tools that will help you in creating animations, counter graphics and motion pictures. All these features have a drastic effect on the output of the project that you work with. Now with a Mac OS integration, the software is said to be of utmost stable and doesn’t crash as often as it does in other operating systems.

How to download Adobe After Effects CC 2019 Full Version for MAC OS free
Adobe After Effects CC 2019 for MAC OS free

The Adobe after effects is a software that plays a very big role in the print and media industry to create perfect visualizations to the creative work that you do.

1. The Auto-save functionality

The biggest drawback when working with heavy software is the frequent shutting down of the software program. This leads to loss of already done work and is definitely frustrating when you have to redo the whole things from scratch. The latest version of Adobe After effects has been designated with an auto-save feature where the project that you are working on gets saved on a regular basis at a particular time rate. This feature is well-accepted especially in Adobe After effects. 

2. Virtual effects that speak the next level

There are a lot of factors that go into making a video eye-captive and out of all virtual effects is what plays a vital role in getting the job done. The immersive effects add a prevalent touch to all the videos that you create and that is what makes the user to get attracted to the work that you create.

The biggest advantage that happens when we use the immersive effects that it adds a whole different appeal to the output. There are also a lot of features that makes the immersive effects a much-added advantage to make the best out of your videos.

3. Create using Data files

The latest version of Adobe after-effects is the best for creating animation that too with the help of data files. The same feature which wasn’t available in the previous versions was a huge drawback as it greatly reduced user-friendliness and reliability of the software. The feature allows the user to use live data files from sources and feed them as image inputs to create animations, motion graphics and visual effects based on the input fed. 

4. Expressions features to animate shapes

The shapes that we use in videos might not be very appealing when it has no animations added to it, but when animated can add a whole new meaning to the shapes. Using Adobe After effects, one can actually animate the shapes that we use to give them more depth and detail.

If are you looking for Adobe After Effects CC 2019 Full Version for MAC OS free download
Download Adobe After Effects CC 2019 Full Version for MAC OS – ISORIVER

This will give more clarity and ensure that the shapes are defined brightly in all the axis. This feature is really helpful in working with small animation projects or to add detailing to a bigger project. 

5. Teaming up

Now, most of the media industries that create content on a daily basis aren’t relied upon by a single person but a team. Keeping that in mind, Adobe has added the feature in after effects where the user can give access to the project to the same number of users using the project. Now with this update, the software can be a great deal to all the team members that are working on the same project and give them the freedom to express their own views on the platform.

There are a lot of other advantages like where the head of the team can continuously monitor the works that are being provided by the teammate and make corrections if any making the work more efficient.

System requirements

  • Multicore processor with 64-bit support.
  • Mac Operating System Version 10.13 and above. 
  • RAM: 32 GB recommended. 
  • GPU: 2GB of VRAM 
  • Latest updated Nvidia driver to prevent a frequent shutdown.
  • HDD: 16 GB Space
  • Display: 1440 X 900 or greater.
  • Stable Internet connection to make sure there are regular updates from Adobe and access to adobe cloud.

Download Adobe After effects for Mac 

You can download the installer file for adobe after effects by accessing the link below. Make sure that you have the Mac Book Pro 2013 or later for installation as it is not applicable to later versions. Also, make sure that the Mac Operating system on which you are installing is above 10.13 to avoid the creation of junk files creeping up on memory.

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